Powerful Video of Ugly Sexist Vilification of Hillary Clinton

Sexism is alive and well in America.  One exit poll I saw had almost twice as many voters having trouble voting for a woman for president than voting for a black man.  The New York Times had a long piece about a future woman president today, Kate Zernike writes:

That woman will come from the South, or west of the Mississippi. She will be a Democrat who has won in a red state, or a Republican who has emerged from the private sector to run for governor. She will have executive experience, and have served in a job like attorney general, where she will have proven herself to be “a fighter” (a caring one, of course).

She will be young enough to qualify as postfeminist (in the way Senator Barack Obama has come off as postracial), unencumbered by the battles of the past. She will be married with children, but not young children. She will be emphasizing her experience, and wearing, yes, pantsuits. Oh, and she may not exist.

The future candidates Zernike offers up are far-fetched and unlikely. I do not see another woman having the money, the message, or the national stature to run for president in my lifetime. I believe that it will be a long, long time before another woman makes a credible run for President.  This is a tragedy for America, especially when compared to the rise of other women political leaders around the world. To be sure there have been many racist incidents in this heated campaign as seen by Kevin Merida article in the Washington Post earlier this week which drew 2100 comments and much media attention. One could surely come up with a video of racist images aimed at Obama, but the sexist anti-woman aspect of the campaign has not been documented.

But alas, I am sure that this political season has been so polarizing that it will bring out a slew of sexist comments.

Please just take a few minutes to view the entire YouTube video and try to leave your personal political preferences out of it and you will be as appalled as I was.

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16 Responses to Powerful Video of Ugly Sexist Vilification of Hillary Clinton

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Sticking with the most qualified to get the job done ! Launch the investigation and let’s look into these oil companies ! Let’s end NCLB and let’s move forward with an intelligent agenda and plan that serves in the best interest of the people and this great nation ! Go Clinton ! United we stand,divided we fall !

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Yeah, Reverand Wright maligned America.

    This meme gets me sick–it is as though slavery and the genocide of the indigenous people’s should just not be mentioned.


    Any critique of male attacks on women and patriarchy that doesn’t also discuss imperialism–well, it is not really critique, it is political propaganda.

    Reverend Wright for President in ’16

  3. Slave Revolt

    I think the objections to what Rev. Wright had to say go beyond the implications of not mentioning slavery and genocide.

    FYI, our patriarchal society largely has to do with religion, not imperialism. The world was once a few millennia ago a matriarchal society.

    It has only been the last few decades that history has come to light and much that was buried by the church has brought forward for all to see.

    The world will be a better place when we consider people from all walks of life to be equal.

  4. Slave Revolt

    Also want to mention that when you stop posting false claims about Hillary Clinton here, you will save us both a lot of time and energy. I’d really prefer not having to edit comments when I have a whole lot of work to do. Thank you.

  5. Kendall Johnson says:

    This is a great post!!! I’ve screaming about this for a long time. I can’t support Obama as layed out in the video.

    The misogyny had been over the top. Obama and his campaign only understand racism. They make no acknowledgement of sexism, classism and homophobia. They act like thugs branding everyone as racists and insulting women, working class and poor whites and older people. He acts like he is interested in winning the primary, but not the general election. He has said nothing to heal the situation and continues to insult these core constituancies that any democrat needs to win in November. Watching him at this late date has confirmed for me my suspiscions that he is a fraud.

  6. coldH2Owi says:

    Finally, someone you approve of said it – no other woman in your lifetime with the money, etc., will be a viable candidate for president. I have said it before & I will say it again, this is a sad statement. & that is not a reference to any negative stuff toward Sen. Clinton. I also believe that you are wrong about the religion-paternalism link. Slave Revolt may have it right. I have always thought that racism has been & is far more deadly than sexism. OK, hit the ceiling, I expect it. With all due respect, there have been no Strange Fruit lyrics dedicated to a consistent, orchestrated campaign to hang white women from trees. It goes without saying that that does not mitigate against the sexism that does still hold back our women, must less our country.

  7. I’m not sure why power is now being handed down to a younger generation and did not end up being won by a woman of that generation. What does seem to me to be the case, though, is that the U.S. has seen it’s last baby boomer or older President.

    Eight years from now it will be very surprising if there is not a younger generation firmly in control of Congress also.On the other hand the temptation to sell out is so strong that this changing of the guard may well not redound to our benefit nearly as substantially as we need and deserve.

  8. Cold

    Somehow I tend to doubt that either you or Slave Revolt have read up on women’s history or would even have the faintest grasp on what the church has done to women for centuries. Research the Burning Times (and the Inquisition), since Slave Revolt brought up genocide.

    We still have along way to go to overcome both racism and sexism sadly and this election is evidence of both.

  9. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton may or may not become the first female president of the United States,

    I think it’s interesting that the piece starts with this line. It represents a change of focus for the NY Times which has discounted HIllary in the past. Now they are saying may or may not . . . . .and the may is first. The fact that they are hedging here is proof of her success in recent weeks. JoAnne

  10. Cold

    Also speaking of “strange” you have a very strange habit of assuming you know what I am thinking and are rarely right.

  11. JP says:

    i bet someone could (and probably has) put together a strikingly similar piece discussing the use of race by Hillary and her supporters. i honestly can’t believe we are trying to divide ourselves like this at this point in the campaign. i think the people pushing this over-the-top rants on sexism and racism in this primary at this point in the campaign are doing a real disservice to our party, and ultimately just reinforcing the divide that exists in our party.

    folks these are 2 outstanding, closely matched candidates, one black, one a woman. remember when we were all just amazed and proud to be Democrats…turning on the debates and for the first time seeing real diversity on the stage…do you remember how you felt? now we’re in the home stretch, and politics is a dirty game, and definately things get said by BOTH SIDES that should not be said. let’s not drive the wedge in deeper between the Hillary and Obama camp than it already is.

  12. JP

    “folks these are 2 outstanding, closely matched candidates, one black, one a woman. remember when we were all just amazed and proud to be Democrats…turning on the debates and for the first time seeing real diversity on the stage…do you remember how you felt? now we’re in the home stretch, and politics is a dirty game, and definately things get said by BOTH SIDES that should not be said. let’s not drive the wedge in deeper between the Hillary and Obama camp than it already is.”

    Thank you. Well said and on the money in my opinion. We need to win in November — we need to start coming together regardless of who the nominee is — I say again…

  13. Kendall Johnson says:

    For you idiots that have no concept of womens history or oppression, let me give you a little history lesson!!! Women were the first slaves and still are on more than a third of the planet.

    Here in this country women were basically owned by their husbands or fathers right up through 1800’s. They had no right to own property, had no rights to their children, or right to divorce!!!! They could’t vote until 1920. They were denied education and entry into universities. It was illegal to despense birth control to women until 1966. They were and still are denied access to jobs and equal pay. Our laws in most states don’t recognize marital rape.

    Women are most often the victims of violent crime. They are more likely to become missing. They are significantly poorer than man and always have been. They are overwhelming percentage of the poor. They are more likely to be brutaly murdered. They are beaten and raped in and outside their homes. They are sold into prostitution, and traded like cattle. They are 4 times more likey to be sexually abused as children than their male counterparts. They are gang raped. And, I can go on and on all the way back to the burning of the whiches. Who do you think they were? Not the monks!!!!!

  14. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The younger generation needs to sit down and study, to compare and contrast the plan and agenda between Clinton and Obama ! It’s like pro vs rookie in comparison ! We’re running out of gas and they better hope we get some sugar cane growing fast ! Your generation is going to plug in a car and the battery isn’t ready yet ! Watch CNN’s reality check,”You were warned.” Instead of all these creative interpretations of Hillary looking like she’s up for a part in an MGM scary movie,evaluate the details,facts and compare to contrast ! Racism is over rated and it went out with the 60’s or should have ! Today,you’re the color of a rainbow ! Nightmare on Elm ST.video ! It’s an equal field of dreams and we need the most experienced and qualified running the country. Man or woman,stay in school and focus ! We need your sharp minds solving problems and finding intelligent solutions ! Want to make scary movie videos? Head to to Hollywood and be a make-up artist and go learn from those that are the best with experience in the industry. Sick interpretation of a great leader fighting for what’s right and finding solutions! Go watch Frankinstein and have fun on Oct. 31st ! We may need to get worried we are running out of gas and on economics,an innovational agenda and get behind the one that wins to make a difference ! God speed Clinton ! Not to mention our public educational system she’s busting her … to repair ! Speeches vs solutions and there is a difference !

  15. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The artistic ability presentation of Hillary on a few pictures is uncalled for and not respectful but will give you credit for creativity.Good thing Clinton has a sense of humor ! Who came up with the pictures ? We could send that star wars, out of line picture to the terrorist that smashed into buildings in New York. Go get serious about Foreign Policy young creative video folks engaged in politics ! Watch 911 on CNN for a reality check ! Hello,you think those pictures of Clinton are scary now ?

  16. Where were all these women when Bill embarassed her? They said she was stupid that they would have left her? Now they are her greatest supporters as this is somehow owed to her because of what she has endured. Was it sexism when she made that bold face lie about Bosnia Sniper Fire? Was it sexism when she attacked Obama about Rezko, Ayers, and Wright- and he didn’t bring up anything about her questionable past? Was it sexism when she said she would OBLITERATE IRAN, neglecting the millions of innocent womena and children? I call a spade a spade when I see it. And periodically, is a word that ends with ically not period, stop trying to disect it, claws come up is a phrase not distinctive to one gender? I think you should take a glance at what the GOP has said about Hillary before sashaying over to their side. Remember , this is the Same McCain who stood by when an elderly lady said ” How do we beat the BITCH” you know what he did-laughed. This is the same Mccain who said Chelsea was ugly and her father was Janet Reno and mom Hillary.Please get the facts right it is very unbecoming of YOU(: