Good Advice For Dems And Barack Obama

Some good advice for Dems and Obama… Via BTD at TalkLeft:

Mike Lux at Open Left delivers it:

Some people who agree with me on the need to appeal to [white working class] voters believe that we have to move to the right to win them over. I don’t believe that is true. On economic issues, they are far more populist than what passes for “centrism” in Washington, D.C. And while they are more conservative on social issues, I like to remind people that Bill Clinton in 1996- after a term where he pushed for gays in the military, enacted a ban on employment discrimination against gays and lesbians in federal government employment, vetoed a partial-birth abortion ban, and signed two gun control bills- won the highest percentage of both working class and rural voters of any Democratic Presidential candidate of the last 44 years. He won those voters by reaching out to them politically, and by speaking their language. The second best percentage among those voters in this period? Clinton in 1992.

(Emphasis supplied.) With the Creative Class blogs intent on destroying the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, this is timely advice.

One guess as to who else speaks their (working class and rural voters) language? Hillary.

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3 Responses to Good Advice For Dems And Barack Obama

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Is there some way to do joint custody of the Oval Office?

  2. Darrell

    I hope there is — I really hope there is. The unity ticket works for me.

  3. JP says:

    great insight in this article. anyone who thinks otherwise has head their head in the sand the past 2 months. and these voters are key to winning in november.