Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Despite of the fact that he was defeated soundly by large margins in West Virginia and again tonight in Kentucky, Barack Obama is touting that the nomination is within reach (with the help of the Obama-media). But… For many Democrats voting today, there’s a sense of dis-satisfaction that is troubling. Marc Ambinder notes:

In Kentucky, 8 in 10 Clinton voters… say they’d be DISsatisfied if Obama were the nominee; about 60% of Clinton voters in Oregon said the same…

In Oregon, 68% of Clinton voters say they’d vote for Obama versus 22% who say they’d vote for McCain.

In Kentucky, 6 in ten Clinton voters and 6 in ten Obama voters don’t want to see the opposing candidate on the ticket.

And Chris Cillizza points out more on the dis-satisfaction factor:

Despite Barack Obama‘s win in the Oregon primary, the results from tonight’s Kentucky Democratic presidential primary are stark.

Hillary Rodham Clinton drubbed Obama among the very white working class voters who helped Clinton claim victories in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Consider these findings from the exit polling:

* Among Kentucky voters living in rural areas or small cities — nearly six in 10 voters — Clinton took 75 percent to 19 percent.

* Among non-college educated whites in Kentucky (66 percent of the electorate), Clinton won by 44 points — 69 percent to 25 percent.

* Among whites with a family income less than $50,000, Clinton received 75 percent of the vote while Obama took just 22 percent.

Who cares if voters are dis-satisfied. The Obama camp continues to claim that none of this matters (it’s all an illusion)… However, “Obama’s struggles in winning over white working class voters in the Rust Belt has to be on the mind of party strategists who recognize the importance of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania — each of which has a considerable number of these types of voters — to their general election calculus.”

Finally… Here’s the trick question of the night: “Who Had the Bigger Win Tonight?

Answer: Not Barack Obama. “Hillary won a lot more votes and more delegates tonight.” I guess that is why she “Sees Many Reasons to Stay In.”

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5 Responses to Can’t Get No Satisfaction

  1. weltec2 says:

    The distribution of delegates is irrational and undemocratic. I know this is unhelpful, but I taught an early Willa Cather seminar this morning and then spent the rest of the day watching the returns and dragging myself around all day thinking about it.

    James Andrew Miller in the WaPo suggests that Obama should promise Clinton the first available seat on the SCOTUS.

    Could you imagine her up against Scalia, Thomas, and Alito. That thought cheered me a bit.

    The thing is that with Al Gore, the Gore liar Gore liar Gore liar bombardment and the accompanying lies and distortions came from the mainstream press and the right. But this irrational hatred of Hillary (which I have never been able to comprehend because it has no real content) has come from the mainstream press and the right again, but it has also come from fellow Dems. Deep sigh.

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    There’s and old song about the headlines of this topic ! Obama is speaking as if he’s won and this race is so tight even Blitizer on CNN said he wasn’t going to predict it ! I’m for every ones vote counts and just watched Clinton’s speech and it was excellent ! Obama needs to support the people and their votes ! The DNC needs to put the people first and let’s wrap this up and head to Montana. Calling for flights and just got my e-mail ! I want to stay on a horse ranch and take in a little white water rafting and post Hillary signs down the rapids ! “Never give up and never give in !” We need a huge park in Montana she can speak and people can hear her message ,cause the news hasn’t exactly been to objective. Where are the park rangers ? “I can’t get no, satisfaction and I tried and I tried….” Sing it ! We’ll be okay and she’s going to the White House ! Delegate count ? Honestly, when did Americans come up with that ? 300 thousand plus just signed on to count the votes in FL. and MI.Go to Hillary and sign up ! Saddle up and ride ! Obama is leaving a graceful exit door open ? Reported by what’s his name on CNN ? “Tighten up on the reins” Ha,the lady news reportor came back at him and said,”couldn’t help myself.” Faith moves mountians ! Take it to a higher ground ! Positive thoughts for the direction of the country and Hillary Clinton !

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    What American in the United States of America that wants their vote to count and voice heard in this tight election, of which many have never seen before,a small group of delegates selecting our next president ? Not me ! Why so complicated ? Just go vote and let’s make sure our gov counts those votes ! I Forgot what it’s called but Clinton and other leaders are working on it ! Clinton called it — ———–? She mentioned it in her speech ! I’m with T.R.

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Montana ? Grizzle bears,Indians of which prefer to be called nation’s first instead and it’d be cool to visit a school to see what they’re up to and think about NCLB. Black bears ? Uh,that fellow just got his head chewed and lived to talk about it .Horses ! Look up Obama’s % on the humane society and it’s not good but Hillary has 100%.

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Where are they going to find voting booths in Montana ? That’s wide open God’s country and bet it’s a long ride in to the voting booth for some, but saddle up and hit the trail ! It’d be fun to ride in to vote and camp along the way with a bunch of people ! Go Clinton ! 64 delegates short to win = Obama ! God bless America,get in your saddle and ride fast Montana !