Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more You can call this a “post-dated” Round-up. I am very likely preoccupied and taking advantage of my conjugal rights, as SSG Dizzy has very likely arrived from Iraq, for RnR, by now. I decided to post today’s Ten Post Round-Up anyway, so you wouldn’t come a-knockin (wink-wink):

1: Retraining our brains and our bellies no thanks to our parents dietary mismanagement in our formative years….

Do You Know When to Stop Eating?AlterNet

2: Consider it studying for the live-action version…

10 Books You Should Read Before Seeing The MovieThe Best Article Every Day

3: How sad is it that a communist country is pushing this ideal and the so-called “greatest country in the world” seeks to stifle it?…

Cuban Government Backs Calls to Combat HomophobiaCommonDreams.org

4: And the Republicans are considering pushing this guy as VP?…

Mike Huckabee thought McCain’s ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ song was funny.Crooks and Liars

5: Old-school racism making a comeback?…

Curious George And The Men In The Pointy White HatsFiredoglake

6: Three cheers for teh gayz…

Hurrah for Gay MarriageThe Huffington Post

7: John McCain: Hip-waders required….

The “Real McCain” is so full of s@#%…his eyes should be brown.It’s my Right to be Left of the Center

8: Instead of focusing on Mrs. Obama, maybe Fox and the rest of the media should be focusing strong attention on Mrs. McCain…

What other murderous regimes does Cindy McCain profit from?My Three Cents

9: The FLDS scandal is getting a little more complicated…

Data may have inflated number of teen mothersstatesman.com

10: Looks like even if a Republican wins the presidency, the Congress will lean very heavily Democratic…

Big GOP Losses in Congress Likely, Even if McCain Winstruthout

244 días al final de un error…

(Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa…)

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3 Responses to Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

  1. Mark says:

    I note that you have linked to a post about the Mulligan’s Bar “Obama Monkey T-shirts.” It did get a lot of attention from the mainstream media, and a small demonstration against it…

    Funny how this kind of T-shirt has been out there forever, but suddenly CNN.com wants us to pay attention to it.

    IMHO, even though the T-shirt is clearly racist, and thus, despicable, the timing and the methodology of the coverage of this T-shirt controversy was clearly an attempt by the MSM (CNN in particular) to ramp up the sympathy factor for Obama with respect to the racism he experiences the day after Hillary crushed Obama in West Virginia.

    In fact, the CNN coverage and just about every other blogger’s coverage missed the real story. See Racism Trumps Murder and Misogyny at CNN.com, if you want to understand more about how this story is really about ignoring misogyny.

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    Oh, for Pete’s sake. Do you have a Zapruder-like film to go with this theory?

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    God, kid, if the old man has R&R you’re entitled to some too.

    And tell him howdy from all of us!