GOP Campaign Strategist in the Grips of a Terrifying Mushroom Trip

Oh my… This ad is a doozy:

TNR has the scoop.

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One Response to GOP Campaign Strategist in the Grips of a Terrifying Mushroom Trip

  1. In my humble opionion, Sam Graves proved he is a first class nut by, “approving this message.” I guess gays should be denied the right to marry until the majority hetrosexual population votes to permit them to do so. Our Constitution clearly states that basic human rights should never be subject to a vote. More specifically it says that the will of the majority should NEVER be used to subjugate the rights of the miniority. If this were the case blacks might still not have the right to vote, ride at the front of the bus, or eat at integrated lunch counters. If this were the case, women might still be denied the right to vote. The Constitution assures all citizens the right to, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” To deny gays the right to marry or to serve openly in the military is denying them both basic human rights and their ability to “pursue happiness.”
    It is so disgusting that in every four year presidential cycle, the GOP consistently trots out the gay rights and abortion issues. In the 2004 presidential election it was determined that the majority of white, blue collar, red state, voters based their vote on these non-issues. Now they want to complain about their homes being foreclosed on, the high gas prices, and the endless war in Iraq. Well, they can’t have it both ways. Either start voting about issues that matter or continue to vote based on your un-natural fear of what people are doing in the privacy of their own bedrooms!!!!! Buzz