Watch The Primary Results Tonight!

Senator Hillary ClintonWatch the primary results tonight and see Hillary Clinton bury Senator Obama in one state while he merely wins in another. Never give up!

This fight is not over. The pundits and portions of the party elite want Hillary Clinton to actually give up. They want her to surrender! They want her embarassed and humiliated. I’ve never seen such a ingrained dislike/hatred of a candidate by certain sections of her own party.

My history extends back to LBJ, Nixon and onward. I’ve never seen so many party officials turn their collective backs on a qualified candidate. They are somehow convinced that this extended primary is going to strengthen the Republican chances in the general election.

Get a grip, ladies and gentlemen! The last poll showed 72% of the American public opposes the war in Iraq. The Republicans, against all logic, have nominated a man who has made the centerpiece of his campaign the continuation of that war that most of America opposes.

We can only field a better candidate for having this much campaign trail experience. Yet with all that being said I promise you Senator Obama, if he’s lucky enough to win the nomination, has no idea what waits for him on the general election campaign trail.

Hillary does and she’s ready for the fight of her life for the soul of this nation. I have my doubts about Senator Obama being ready for that same fight.

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14 Responses to Watch The Primary Results Tonight!

  1. John P says:

    “merely wins” is a strange way to put it about Oregon, given that Clinton will be winning Kentucky, a state we have virtually no chance of carrying in November, while Obama will be winning in Oregon, a state we will win, and a state that is over 90% white.

    Clinton has been claiming that Obama can’t connect with whites, and she has put the added emphasis on states that will truly go Democratic in November, so while I congratulate her for the win (granted–“blowout”) in Kentucky, i don’t see how this split victory helps her if we measure these victories by the criteria Clinton would suggest we use.

  2. My friend suggested the other day that Hillary might end up deciding to run as an independent like Joe Lieberman. I hope not!

  3. gqmartinez says:


    The talk about the “white working class” voters. But we all know that is misleading. Hillary is overwhelmingly winning all non-African American working class voters.

  4. gqmartinez says:

    That’s ludicrous, Paul. You should peddle lies elsewhere. Hillary has stated ad naseum that she will fully support the nominee.

  5. coldH2Owi says:

    Sigh, which candidate was it that brought up “hardworking white workers”? Let me see, hmm, oh yes, it was Sen. Clinton, by golly.

  6. Stuart: I may be simplistic, but I still believe in simple democracy. Winner take all, with a one vote majority being enough. Delegates, Electoral College, etc., thats all crap as far as I’m concerned.

    Wait for the last election, count the voyes, and that’s the winner!

  7. Sigh… all this bickering is getting so old. Two awesome candidates. Both would be great presidents.

    Count me as more concerned about the prospect of one of our greatest liberal leaders than concerned about who gets the nomination at this point.

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Hooray ! We won ! Way to go Kentucky ! Good game Obama.See ya’ll in Florida and we’re off to count the votes ! They have picket lines of people raising heck going on there ! It’s like the 60″s ! The experts say,no one has that magic number and CNN just said,” I’m not making a hard and fast prediction in this election.” No kidding and that’s smart and objective ! Hillary and Obama are saying nice things to one another ? Reminds me of the calm before the storm ! Ha ! Keep your eye on that Hillary lightening and those votes need to be counted ! I’m proud of the senator from New York and this country ! We’re getting closer to ending NCLB ! Amen ! We’re getting closer to solutions on health care and new innovations on energy and the war is going to end ! Lots of exciting changes to look foward to ! Okay.,back to listen to those experts that make me want to throw a shoe at the TV ! CNN just slam dunked Rowland on Obama’s team ! That’s a first ! They are saying don’t pay attention to that and it’s to close to call ! The super delegates don’t want us in Dever or a convention ? As close and serious as this is, let’s go all the way ! This ballgame is in over time and you don’t walk off the couut super delegates ! Is Obama going to Florida to fight for the people that voted ?They didn’t say he was but thank-God Clinton is ! Congradulations ! Yeepie,we won ! Hillary’s supportors are sticking with Hillay but we appreciate your truthful comments Obama ! Balls in play,let’s go Florida !

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Blitzer’s on and he says,he’s not going to predict this tight race and she won by a land slide in Kentucky ! She’s not Big Brown but let me tell ya , this senator can run a race ! Hat’s off to Kentucky and do we want a mint tulip ? Whatever ! Cheers !

  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    We will not surrender ! Never give up and never give in ! TAC !

  11. Hilary4HRC says:

    The thing that brings more people over to Hillary is her tenacity. She is an INSPIRATION!! An incredible work ethic, “the strongest person I know” said H. Wolfson on MSNBC this morning (by the way, I miss Joe S!! — Mika is NO substitute) as they were discussing her pushing through and having every vote count.

    If the roles were reversed, and Obama was where she is, and a white male candidate had the lead by such a slim margin, would there be any calls to have the FIRST POSSIBLE BLACK POTUS get out of the race NOW??? Absolutely NOT!! People would want to cheer this person on and see how it plays out! Well, that’s all Hillary’s supporters want to do. BRING IT!! Quitters NEVER win………….. let’s toast — but with a Mint Julep!!

  12. bjerryberg says:

    The ‘Democracy Alliance’ of billionaires led by George Soros are behind Illinois state Senator Obama’s program-less– but to date– remarkably well-financed run for the presidency in 2008.

    The radical free trade economics of these Obama billionaires suggests they know something the rest of us do not know about Obama’s actual positions. ‘Yes we can’ is about as vague as economic policy comes.

    But no matter, Obama’a extremely wealthy sponsors never intended for him to be Prez.

    I hope they do not hurt him.

  13. bjerryberg says:

    An aside to Pamela:

    The Obama campaign’s upper echelons represent the nastiest sort of right-wing intelligence operation.

    Which is why the corporate media still loves unelectable Barack…

    Their job was to stop Clinton and they failed.

    Hillary should stay in–and beef up her security. Those Obama billionaires do not fight fair.