Wingnut Spin

Good gracious the wingnuts have lost it. That large turnout for Obama in Oregon the other day wasn’t about him… it was about a local indie band. That’s even more far-fetched than the meme that folks turned out for Springsteen and not Kerry in ’04 when Springsteen performed at rallies for Kerry. I can’t help but laugh my a** off over this one. Ana Marie Cox pegs it: “I’ll Get You and Your Little Indie Band, Too!

Sad little wingnuts need to wake up and smell the coffee (the coming defeat of McCain in November by the Democrats)… I’m a Clinton supporter, but not blind to the fact that all those folks in Oregon were there for Obama. He had the support of voters in Oregon locked up for some time. The sheer stupidity of this theory from the wingnuts is astounding.

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7 Responses to Wingnut Spin

  1. OK, admittedly booking a local popular band on a beautiful weather day most likely did contribute some to the size of the crowd. Are you saying that without the Obama, there STILL would have been 75,000 people who attended? Are you saying that the appearance of Obama had absolutely no influence on the size of the crowd? If so, how in this conclusion drawn? Were all 75,000 polled and asked, “Would you have shown up today if Barack Obama had not been part of the program.?”
    I AM NOT being rude but this sounds just like more sour grapes to me. At this very late stage of the campaign to continue to believe that Obama does not have a special kind of charisma which has been drawing huge crowds nationally, is indicative of some self denial. I am taking nothing away from Senator Clinton, who is also vibrant and dynamic. So, let’s give Barack just a little bit of a break and admit that a few people out there like him as much, or more than a local band! Buzz

  2. Buzz

    The first part of the post I was being facetious about what the wingnuts claimed about the crowd being there for the indie band and the second part of the post I acknowledged it was clear they were there for Obama. There was no sour grapes in this post, it was about the wingnuts said about the rally and how lame their claim was.

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  4. Uh, no. The newsbusters article claimed that in journalistic honesty, the free concert should have been reported. People can make up their own minds about how important it was – whether it added 50 or 50,000 to the total.

    That’s why they have celebrities for free – to bring in the crowds. I’m wondering what sort of mind it takes to call people who point out the obvious “wingnuts.”

  5. Bababoouie says:

    I enjoy wings, and I also enjoy nuts. The idea of combining the two is very appealing.

    MMMMMM wingnuts

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    Wait until you see how the wingnuts spin getting an ass kicking in November into a “victory”. They’re really, really into this “culture war” thing and the fact that 75% of us are just plain bored with their idiocy would make a shambles of their self image if they ever allowed reality to intrude.

    If you’re a wingnut, it’s totally rational to argue that one “good” scientist is enough to offsent 10,000 “bad” scientists on the issue of global warming. Then they turn right around and argue that it is okay to push “intelligent design” even though there is no science to support their belief.

  7. Bill Peschel says:

    This sounds like spin. I’m sure many came to hear the band, but how many stayed to see Obama?

    I much prefer the alternative snark: “How many came to see Obama in Kentucky? Oh, right, he didn’t campaign there.”