House Votes to Override Bush’s Veto of Farm Bill

The House voted overwhelmingly today to “override President Bush’s veto of the $307 billion farm bill, setting the stage for the second veto defeat of Mr. Bush’s presidency.” The 316-to-108 tally, far over the two-thirds needed to overcome a veto, sent the five-year, multipurpose bill to the Senate. Barring a last-minute … Continue reading

BBC Radio Alert

I’ll be on the BBC Radio — 5 Live with Richard Bacon — this afternoon at approximately 4:35 pm pst. We’ll be discussing the latest on the Democratic primaries with other guests including an Obama supporter, Michael Carmichael who blogs at the HuffPo; an Independent for Hillary, Sarah Chase; and a Republican, Stacy … Continue reading

Ted Kennedy Leaves Hospital in Boston, Heads Home to Cape Cod

One day after it was announced that Senator Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor, Kennedy walked out of Mass General hospital accompanied by his wife and children, “to a crowd of well wishers on Wednesday, appearing strong and cheerful.”  The NY Times reports, “if there were any signs that the diagnosis had slowed … Continue reading