House Votes to Override Bush’s Veto of Farm Bill

The House voted overwhelmingly today to “override President Bush’s veto of the $307 billion farm bill, setting the stage for the second veto defeat of Mr. Bush’s presidency.”

The 316-to-108 tally, far over the two-thirds needed to overcome a veto, sent the five-year, multipurpose bill to the Senate. Barring a last-minute shift in that chamber, senators appeared certain to vote overwhelmingly for the bill, perhaps before nightfall, sealing the president’s defeat.

Before today, “only one of Mr. Bush’s vetoes had been overridden.”

UPDATE: Now a new hurdle stands in the way of the farm bill:

Lawmakers discovered Wednesday the omission of an entire section of the farm bill, Title 3 covering trade programs and foreign food aid, from the package that was sent to Mr. Bush for his signature.

Although such errors typically are corrected by unanimous agreement of both parties, House Republican leaders, including several opponents of the farm bill, maneuvered to block a quick fix and instead sought to draw attention to what they portrayed as Democratic incompetence.

As a result, the House was expected to approve the corrected farm bill on Thursday, delaying a vote on the federal budget. The measure would then have to be sent to the Senate and on to President Bush for another veto, and then come back to Congress again for override votes.

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