May 31st meeting: Rules & Bylaws Committee

Resolving the issue of the votes in Michigan and Florida is fast becoming an essential ingredient to winning in November. Enforcing the “rules” as they currently stand could help assure another “inconvenient” loss for the Democrats.

Since the May 31st meeting of the Rules and Bylaws Committee is looming, I urge everyone to write and/or e-mail each of the members of this committee in the next few days. This is about the core values of the democratic party. 

Here’s my sample letter. I modify it based on what I learn in my research about each committee member:

Dear XXXX 

RE: Michigan & Florida: May 31st Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting 

I have voted democratic for 40 years. I have defended the party to anyone willing to talk with me. I have worked hard for democratic candidates. Now, I am feeling completely disillusioned by the party that I have supported. Evidently, this party, the one I have fought for, believes it is OK to disenfranchise the voters of Florida and Michigan and to keep their votes from counting in this democratic primary.  

During your deliberations on May 31st, you must not forget that the voters of Florida and Michigan did not violate the rules. State “officials” violated the rules. I can see no other resolution than to let the people re-vote, to count every vote, and to apportion the delegates in a way that reflects the will of the voters. Anything else will be seen as distorting the will of the people.

The Democratic Party MUST win this election in November. Unless this issue is resolved fairly, the party risks losing the votes of the people in Michigan and Florida and many other votes of people who have become disenchanted by this unfair process.  Please resolve this issue at your May 31st meeting so that we can accomplish the revote before the August convention.


JoAnne Tybinka Blasko

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3 Responses to May 31st meeting: Rules & Bylaws Committee

  1. Perfect letter. Can you post the committee members?

  2. Members – Clinton supporters (12)_Hartina Flournay (DC)_Donald Fowler (SC)_Harold Ickes, Jr. (DC)_Alice Huffman (CA)_Ben Johnson (DC)_Elaine Kamarck (MA)_Eric Kleinfeld (DC)_Mona Pasquil (CA)_Mame Reiley (VA)_Garry Shay (CA)_Elizabeth Smith (DC)_Michael Steed (MD)__ DNC Secretary_Jaime Gonzalez, Jr. (TX)_

    Members – Obama supporters (8)_Martha Fuller Clark (NH)_Carol Khare Fowler (SC)_Janice Griffin (MD)_Thomas Hynes (IL)_Allan Katz (FL)_Sharon Stroschein (SD)_Sarah Swisher (IA)_Everett Ward (NC)__

    Members – no known endorsement (8)_Donna Brazille (DC)_Mark Brewer (MI)_Ralph Dawson (NY)_Yvonne Gates ( NV)_Alice Germond (DC) – David McDonald (WA)_Jerome Wiley Segovia (VA)_

    Alexis Herman DC
    James Roosevelt, Jr. DNC

  3. mo says:

    You MUST NOT forget, that the present vote tallies CERTAINLY DO NOT REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. There was no campaining. Many people did not vote, as they were told their voted would not count. The ONLY FAIR SOLUTION (as a re-vote is not possible) IS TO ABIDE BY THE ORIGINAL RULES EVERYONE AGREED TO, AND NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEM AT THE 11th HOUR TO CHANGE THE RESULT.