Ted Kennedy Leaves Hospital in Boston, Heads Home to Cape Cod

One day after it was announced that Senator Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor, Kennedy walked out of Mass General hospital accompanied by his wife and children, “to a crowd of well wishers on Wednesday, appearing strong and cheerful.” 


The NY Times reports, “if there were any signs that the diagnosis had slowed Mr. Kennedy or dampened his spirits, they were not evident as he left the hospital on Wednesday morning.”

Holding hands with his wife and walking side by side with his children, Mr. Kennedy exited the hospital to cheers and cries of good luck from a few dozen supporters who had gathered outside the hospital. Mr. Kennedy waved and gave a thumbs up sign as he walked to his car, then circled back and played with his two dogs before getting into a car and driving off.

The only evidence of the procedure and diagnosis appeared to be a two-inch by two-inch bandage on the back of Mr. Kennedy’s head.

Dr. Lee H. Schwamm, the hospital’s vice chairman of neurology, and Dr. Larry Ronan, Mr. Kennedy’s primary care physician at the hospital, said in a statement that Mr. Kennedy “has recovered remarkably quickly” and would be awaiting further test results and treatment plans while recovering at his Cape Cod home.

AP News notes that Kennedy “departed with a wave as television news helicopters followed his 75-mile trip south to his Cape Cod home.”

Along the way, he could be seen waving to nearby motorists from the front passenger seat of his SUV. He took a walk on the beach with his two Portuguese Water Dogs as soon as he arrived.

“Good to be back home,” he told waiting reporters before heading off for a sail on his sloop, “Mya.”

Ted Kennedy has been over the course of his long tenure in the Senate, not just a Senator for Massachusetts, but a “A senator for the nation.”

Ted Kennedy’s “two brothers made the family’s reputation, but it was Ted Kennedy, blessed with a decades-longer life, who worked with the nuts and bolts of government and politics to make things happen.” And that “explains the sharp intake of breath heard yesterday all over Washington and across the country when people learned the news about Kennedy’s illness.”

We’re all pulling and praying for you Senator Kennedy. We’re all pulling for you

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  1. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Good news.