Arianna Huffington has declared war on the Superdelegates: “Stop Yelling at Hillary to Stand Down and Start Yelling at the Superdelegates to Stand Up.”

The Democratic leadership — starting with Pelosi, Reid, and Dean — should begin working behind the scenes to get all uncommitted supers to immediately commit. Let Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Montana have their say, but start bringing the curtain down now.

And let’s not just wait for the party leaders to put pressure on the superdelegates. Let’s start putting pressure ourselves. Below you will find a list of all the uncommitted superdelegates. And this link will lead you to profiles of them. Please call or email the elected officials and track down the DNC members who live in your state and let them know that you want them to stand up and be counted. Now.

Of course, Arianna is asking that the Superdelegates declare for Obama, but there’s no reason for Clinton supporters to not chime in and let their support of Hillary Clinton be known to the Superdelegates as well.

After all, that’s what Democracy is about isn’t it. Making sure that all the voices are heard. Not just the ones with the big megaphones.

Maybe it’s just me, but for all the complaints about the media deciding this election, isn’t Arianna Huffington trying to do just that now… as a member of the media?

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5 Responses to Huffy-Fit

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s disruptive to the principles of liberty and justice for all ! Listen to the voices of the people and don’t punish them for going to vote ! The Obama team does not want these votes counted and they’ve blocked it for months with the Clinton team making every effort to support voices and votes in FL. and MI. Heard tonight it’s headed for court and the superior court judges would prefer a compromise than to be involved.It’s trickie to know who to believe and I’m listening to Clinton and the rest can take a hike with the majority in Montana ! Win or lose,either party and it’s the right thing to do ! Count the votes ! Obama is blocking this and CNN was saying that tonight.

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Other states also ran into confusion with the DNC rules and MI. and FL. weren’t the only ones !

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  4. Pamela, thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, Arianna’s call to action lacks one simple element – easy access to contact information for the undecided superdelegates.

    Anyone who wants to ask superdelegates to support Obama should visit:

    for an easy to use, state-by state, daily updated list of all the superdelegates that shows who is still undecided, and how to contact them.

    The Democratic Convention Watch list that’s linked to is accurate and frequently updated. In fact, we use it to update our own site. It just doesn’t include contact info.

    The superdelegate profiles mentioned were created as part of the Huffington Post’s OffTheBus Superdelegate Investigation. HuffPo should be commended for recruiting citizen journalists to contribute profiles of the superdelegates. But while there’s lots of information included about the several hundred superdelegates profiled, it’s hard to wade through all the links and articles to find basic contact info for each superdelegate.

    And what has been submitted is not being updated. Since not all the superdelegates have profiles, it’s also an incomplete resource.

    But we’re glad Arianna has joined the chorus of Democrats calling for the remaining undecided superdelegates to unite behind Barack Obama.

    Erik Ose
    Co-Organizer, Voters for Obama
    Chapel Hill, NC

    About Voters for Obama

    Since President’s Day, a coalition of voters has been petitioning Democratic elected officials and other superdelegates to support Barack Obama for President.

    Our website,, has sparked petition drives to superdelegates in seven states. The site contains everything voters need to contact superdelegates in their states.

  5. Voters For Obama

    Evidently you missed the point of my post — I urged our readers to contact the Superdelegates and voice their support of Hillary Clinton, who I endorsed here months ago.

    We certainly do appreciate your offering the link to more complete contact info for the Superdelegates. I’m sure the Cliton supporters who read The Dem Daily will appreciate the gesture.