Hillary Regrets R.F.K. Statement

It’s all over the news and blogosphere… Hillary Clinton’s statement about the assasination of Bobby Kennedy. It was an unfortunate statement and everyone’s busy parsing it now. Hillary Clinton has said she regrets the remark and clarifies her statement here:

It’s been a long, drawn out primary election cycle. Everyone’s tired, many are frustrated and a lot of people just want it to be over. That’s understandable. Hillary sees reason to stay, and regretably she worded that wrongly today. She has apologized.

Sadly, both of our two remaining candidates have said things that have been strewn around the media and blogosphere and blown out of context, as this is now.

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6 Responses to Hillary Regrets R.F.K. Statement

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  2. I looked at the interview in question, and I believe that Hillary had said nothing requiring apology. For what it’s worth, I have counted among my friends one of the five people non-fatally shot the night RFK was killed.


    Markos Moulitsas has published a direct death threat against Hillary Clinton. The comments from reader “Jcarter” are still there:

    “…a Drive-By Won’t Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!”

    From the same author:

    “Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.”


    I’ve contacted my local Secret Service field office. They take remarks like this seriously. I’ll update my readers when I get feedback. I encourage others to contact the Secret Service. It’s easy. Go to this page and pick the field office near you:


    Moulitsas has crossed a very serious line in publishing this crap.

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  4. Joe Cannon

    It’s a good weekend to hide under the covers… or simply have a couple of drinks and forget the primary wars. The uproar over this is nuts.

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