21st Century Liberalism 101

Voters should never be disenfranchised because their legislators wanted to play games. That’s what this comes down to. That’s why this borderline Dem is ticked off. Rules should never be written to take away the franchise from innocent voters. Is that such a hard concept for people to understand?


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8 Responses to 21st Century Liberalism 101

  1. Frenchdoc says:

    No… simple answer to simple question.

    More seriously though, I think this is a clue to what’s really going on, beyond the primary and the GE. I think the primary and the GE are only accessory to a purging of the Democratic party, ideologically, demographically and financially.

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    I’m not so cynical, FD. What I think is happening is that there is no core Democratic philosophy. We are reactionary: you have to vote for Obama to save the supreme court, etc.

    We need a positive affirmation. While Hillary doesn’t preach some grand salvationary message, I actually think her campaign is the more revolutionary. Obama is more status quo, GOP “individual responsibility” frame. Hillary is more “shared responsibility” and “responsible government”. Gingrich, Norquist et al spent a lot of time delegitimizing the very concept of government. Obama doesn’t really legitimize government so much as the individual. While Hillary doesn’t use government as a solution to everything, she does legitimize it. I’ll be able to hash this out more once ye ol’ dissertation is over with tomorrow, for all intents and purposes.

  3. Frenchdoc says:

    Good luck with the dissertation thing! I know by the time I was done with mine, I hated it with a passion… the whole 600 pages of it!

  4. Not so hard to understand, Gilbert.

    Frankly I have never gotten why they messed with the primary schedule the way they did. In ’04 there were complaints that Kerry was chosen as the nominee, too fast (not that I minded, as I was on board). And then 4 years late, they front load the primary schedule in an even more extreme way. Baffling.

    As for core Democratc philosophy, as I have said here before in the comments, once the convention roles around, we’ll see the platforms of the various candidates and the party morph into something that hopefully will be more appealing to everyone.

    Back to work for me and obviously you too Glibert.

  5. I didn’t riot when the The Supremes screwed the nation in 2000, and I won’t take to the streets if the leadership of the Democratic Party decides to chase a bunch of folks off this year.

    Just one more reason to look forward to the fragmenting of the two party system that would happen if we ever did become bright enough to hold The Second American Constitutional Convention.

  6. Darrell

    I must be tired. When read your first line, I thought didn’t Diana Ross and the Supremes break up before 2000, so how could they screw the nation.


    I need a break… a long break…

  7. Pamela: Is your daughter coming home for the summer, or are you going up for a few days?

  8. Darrell

    She’s coming home for the summer. I’ll be driving up on the 11th or 12th to get her. I’ll have 2 glorious days of self imposed offlineness as I won’t bring my laptop with me (which needs a new battery). It won’t be much of a break but it will be a little one. Plus I’ll get to drive along the coast which I love doing.

    Yesterday when I went to my friend’s house for brunch I noted gas at $4.19 for regular in my area. Ouch. I hope it comes down a little before it’s time to make the trek north to pick up my daughter.