“When the violence causes silence we must be mistaken”:


Many Hillary supporters see this election as social justice issue. Obama has worked hand in hand with the media in branding the Clintons as racists and spreading the gross lie that Hillary was calling for Obama’s assassination. The so-called liberal bloggers have joined in this appalling demonstration. The Democratic Party has remained silent. Now they want us to be silent and give it up.

This whole “inevitable” line is a game. It’s a game to cow us into silence, into submission. The media are fighting in our heads, just like the media did when they cheered us into Iraq. Just like when they cheered us into accepting Bush in 2000. Just like they cheered us into rejecting health care reform in the 1990s.

We’re not supporting Hillary on a whim. Disenfranchisement of FL and MI is a moral failure–the voters did nothing wrong. The recent deliberate efforts to suppress turnout in the last primary states to protect Obama from a humiliating popular vote defeat is also a moral failure. The Democratic Party I gladly worked for over the last several years was never about disenfranchisement or voter suppression.

We are staying in this because we are not just supporting Hillary anymore. We are fighting the  attempts to disenfranchise voters and suppress turnout. We are fighting the  casual acceptance of misogyny and character assassination of someone we consider to be an American treasure. We are staying in this as long as Hillary does. If you think your mind violence is going to keep us silent, you are mistaken.

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5 Responses to Mistaken

  1. Frenchdoc says:

    Well said, Gilbert… I guess we both got our feathers ruffled by CD’s post at Corrente last night! :mrgreen:

  2. atdleft says:


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You express so well the sentiments shared by so many of us. I’m not supporting Hillary because I’m “bitter” or “obsessed” or “delusional”… I’m supporting Hillary because I support her vision of an America that treats all its people with the dignity they deserve, and I’m not giving up on Hillary because I refuse to bow down to misogyny, voter disenfranchisement, and the “Republicanization” of the Democratic Party.

  3. coldH2Owi says:

    I knew it would never end. I think Mr. Gilbert is afraid of something that is not there. Sen. Clinton made several serious errors early in her campaign that had nothing to do with the MSM or the Mr. Evil that apparently resides in Sen. Obama & his equally evil minions. This kind of argument reminds me of what happened to the ReThugs after the Berlin Wall fell, they no longer had a great bogeyman to scare the hell out of little children. Yes, I hid under my desk at West School, hoping beyond hope that the bomb landed far, far away. Now Mr. Gilbert, et.al., are afraid of, as Sadly, No! so succinctly put it, Hussein X, who is going to make whitey & almost whitey pay big time. I know it useless to say, but calm down Mr. Gilbert. I sure hope this comment makes it past Pamela.

  4. Cold

    As I said in response to your other comment:

    FYI — I am working today. Regardless of the fact it is a holiday, I have orders that have to ship out tomorrow.

    Given that, I do not sit here 24/7 moderating comments on this blog. I have a business to run and a life.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Clearly, cold, you have not paid attention to anything I’ve written over the last couple days. Otherwise, you’d feel ashamed of your comment.

    So it goes.