California: No on 98

Here in California we have a proposition coming up on the ballot next Tuesday that must be defeated — Prop 98:  

Here’s more on the deceptive that proposition that will hurt folks like me, long time renters in rent control buildings:

Proposition 98 is a deceptive measure that a group of wealthy landlords placed on California’s June 3, 2008 ballot. These landlords want you to believe the measure is only about ‘eminent domain’, but Prop. 98 is full of hidden provisions that would hurt Californians. A broad coalition of groups including AARP,  League of Women Voters of California, California Professional Firefighters, California Teachers Association, National Wildlife Federation, and hundreds of other organizations who don’t normally agree on the issues – all OPPOSE Prop. 98. 

Why You Should Support Prop. 99 – The Homeowners Protection Act

Proposition 99 is the straightforward solution we need to protect against eminent domain abuse. Prop. 99 prohibits government from using eminent domain to take a home to transfer to a private developer. Unlike the landlords’ Prop. 98, Prop. 99 is eminent domain reform with NO HIDDEN AGENDAS.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a least 3 – 6 small apartment buildings in my neighborhood torn down with the claims that the new buildings would be affordable housing. What has been built instead has been condos starting at $500,000. While the price of homes is falling in my area and many other areas around the country, rents keep skyrocketing. It’s a no brainer why so many, including the Governator, are against this proposition.

If you live in California, please Vote No on 98 and tell your friends and family.

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