Note to DNC: Count Every Vote

I got this in my inbox earlier today… I’m busy, busy… But, I think this video speaks for itself:

The Caucus has more on the protests planned for the upcoming rules committee meeting.

UPDATE: I highly recommend reading “Caucuses vs. Primaries : A Report” at TalkLeft.

UPDATE 2: Read Alegre’s post: So – Who’ll Be Next?

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7 Responses to Note to DNC: Count Every Vote

  1. Steve Cohn says:

    Ironically I was just watching “Recount” on HBO.

    Hereis an interesting commentatry on the Florida/Michigan delegates and a quick review of who was alright with them not counting at the time when they weren’t a concern.

  2. Frenchdoc says:

    Please tell me there are still adults in the Democratic leadership that will read this and draw the logical conclusions.

    (have you asked John Kerry about this, Pamela? What does he think? Does this affect his thinking at all?)

  3. Frenchdoc says:

    That CNN commentary… geez, how many Obama talking points can this guy line up? Kinda dishonest for CNN to list him as “contributor”… just be clear and put him as Obama supporter… I can still remember when DK would harp that CNN would have James Carville and not identify him as Clinton supporter but just as “analyst”.

  4. Frenchdoc

    I haven’t queried JK’s staff about this. It’s fairly obvious that he and TK will cast their SuperDel votes for Obama despite the MA popular vote going to Hillary.

    The whole system is just plain messed up.

    On another ironic note, directed at Steve Cohn’s comment…

    Steve – are you aware that Hillary Clinton was an original sponsor of the Count Every Vote Act after the ’04 election. I think we should all care about fairness in elections because we (Democrats) keep getting screwed.

  5. Alegre says:

    I nearly included this video in my post this evening. Well done Pamela!

    We need to talk up the need to count all the votes. Dean has been leading the charge in his 50-state strategy. It’s absolutely nuts to switch to a 48 plus two halves state strategy this close to a general election.

  6. Alegre

    You would think we would have learned by now. This primary season has been a long nightmare and if we go to the convention with out this resolved, it won’t be pretty.

  7. Brendan says:

    I don’t understand, why did the candidates agree to not count the votes? It seems strange that people who are now so concerned with counting every vote would have agreed to not count them in the first place.
    I really like it when I see a video or comments from people threatening to leave the party. I would say I’d leave the party if they don’t follow their own rules, but where would I go, the republican party?
    I supported Obama when we had our primary in PA, I will vote for him in November. If Hillary somehow pulls this out I will vote for her in Novemeber. Let’s keep in mind that they have very similar policies, both can beat McCain, and the important thing is to put a democrat in.