So – Who’ll Be Next?

It’s a simple question for you – the members of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, who’ll be deciding on the future of our party on Saturday.

Folks are talking about the tough decision you’ll have to make in DC on Saturday.

They say you might seat half the delegates from Florida and Michigan, thereby cutting the voice of each of the voters in half. Or you could do the right thing and seat all of the delegates at our party’s convention this summer granting full voting rights to the people of these two battleground states in the general election.

As a lifelong Democrat, I think this is a no-brainer. Democrats have fought for generations to register more voters – make it easier for people to have a voice in our elections. We don’t make it tougher for them and we certainly don’t cut their votes in half.

We count the votes.

Make no mistake about it folks – you will be deciding the future of our party.   Will we become what we hate most in the Republicans – a group of bullies who use everything at their disposal to throw an election to one candidate or another for their own personal gain?

Or will we reclaim what’s ours by upholding the most fundamental right of the people of our nation, and include all of the delegates of these two key states?   Will you do the right thing so that our party can once again claim that Democrats stand for full inclusion and upholding the voting rights of all Americans to be heard in our electoral process?

If you go with the first of these two options and cut the votes in half by seating only half of the delegates from these two states then I’ll pose one simple question to you…

Who’ll be next?



New Mexico?



If you’re willing to cast aside the voters in these two battle ground states – if you’re willing to basically throw away our best chance at winning back the White House and getting our nation back on the right track, then who’ll be next?

That any Democrat can sit there and argue for the punishment of millions of voters for something that was beyond their control is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Democrats don’t keep people from having a voice in our elections.

That’s what Republicans do.

We’re better than that.

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4 Responses to So – Who’ll Be Next?

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  2. Darrell Prows says:

    By the way, the whole “supredelegate” thing sucks also. So do caucuses compared to primaries.

    We’re coming out of an era (hopefully) when less than half of the people even bothered to participate in the political process. I firmly believe that the results of our presidential elections over the last forty years show how self destructive it has been for our nation to be so self indulgent regarding this apathy.

  3. jonah says:

    The delegates from MI and FL shouldn’t be seated at all — they broke the rules and that’s it.

    It’s so simple but HRC supporters don’t get it.

    The process was agreed upon by the candidates. Live with it.

    There is a rule in politics: you agree with a process, and play by the rules of the game. If you break the rules, you get penalized.

    Tough luck if you lose.

    Move on and don’t be petty.

    I can’t believe the cry baby antics of HRC supporters right now.

    HRC came close, but not close enough. Too bad. Obama will cross the delegate threshold next week and will be the nominee.

    It’s over.

  4. jonah

    1) Neither the delegates nor the voters in MI & FL “broke the rules.”

    2) Politics is not a freakin sports game.

    3) If the delegates are seated, we all know that changes the “winning” the nomination for Obama. Talk about antics… 🙄