Heart of a Champion

I worked all day and then went in to make phone calls as part of a Women For Hillary phone bank this evening. I just got home and I’m zonked, and since I’ve been thinking of this old diary of mine from Feb. over the past few days, I thought this was a good time to re-post one of my favorites. It points to the work Hillary’s done over the years on our bahalf, and the heart of a champion that drives her to keep fighting for us every day. Enjoy (By the way – the phone bank went really well and Ann Lewis gave a kick-ass update and pep talk to our group of amazing and energetic phone bankers. GO TEAM!)I finally called it a day around 1am and as I was clearing out the dishes hubby left in the sink (sigh, again) I paused for a minute – leaned on the sink and thought… how in the HELL does Hillary keep on going in the face of the hate, the anger, the unfair media coverage, the sexism, and – tonight especially – this latest disappointment?What drives this sister with the heart of a lioness?

Getting back into the White House?

Nooooo. She’s been there before.

Receiving more adulation and love from the MSM & the press (Tweety & Russert)?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she is the very definition of a public servant. She sees how much work there is to be done and she knows she’s the one person who’ll actually get results. She’s got a long history of public service and sticking up for those without a voice.

Over the summer I attended a state-wide meeting of volunteers, and a woman from Hillary’s staff mentioned something that really stuck with me. She said they were getting Hillary ready for a debate and there was this briefing book full of the things she’d accomplished in her career. That book was 312 pages long (single spaced)!.

No I won’t list everything here, but take a look at a few little known facts about her record…

As a law student Hillary worked to identify children who were victims of abuse and neglect and volunteered at the New Haven Legal Services offices. Her first job out of law school was going door-to-door with the Children’s Defense Fund to find out why children weren’t enrolled in public schools. Her findings prompted Congress to pass laws ensuring that kids with disabilities were accommodated and taught in our public schools (setting up programs in which my son and countless others have benefited enormously).

When Reagan was President, Hillary was Chairman of the Legal Services corporation – legal services for the poor. In a head-to-head battle with the President, she successfully fought Reagan off when he tried to shift $300 million legal services to defense spending.

In Arkansas Hillary ran the University of Arkansas’s legal aid and prison projects; reformed Arkansas’ education system; instituted a model parent education program; created new scholarships for single parents; and expanded medical facilities in Arkansas’ poorest areas.

As First Lady Hillary helped create the State Children’s Health Insurance Program; spearheaded efforts to double child care spending, dramatically expand Head Start, and create Early Head Start; and expanded the federal after school program to a $1 billion formula grant program that reaches every state.

She could have gone back into private life when she and Bill left the White House. It would have been easy and she could have gotten a job that paid a boatload of money with her mind, intellect and background. Any law firm, foundation or University would have jumped at the chance to put her name on their letterhead.

But she didn’t. She wanted to keep doing what she does best – helping folks as a public servant.

But instead she thought “I still have work to do on behalf of the people of this world” and she realized she could continue her work as a Senator from NY. So she put together a campaign staff, rolled up her sleeves, put on her boots and took her message to the people of NY. She even headed up state when the “experts” told her not to bother.

Six years later she ran for and won re-election with 67% of the vote. She could have won re-election without the margin of victory in the City – that’s how much the folks upstate (the people she was told to write off) loved, respected and trusted her. And they still do.

She’s done a great job for her state and for the people of this nation from that post…

Hillary created a teacher recruitment program to bring outstanding teachers into low-income communities.
She sponsored legislation to grow childcare funding to $11.2 billion.
She fought off dramatic cuts to Medicaid and SCHIP.
She passed legislation with Lindsay Graham for expanded health services for military families.
She made sure that six million children have health insurance through the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).
She fought for and won health benefits for our troops in the National Guard and Reserves.
She fought to preserve combat pay for injured National Guard and Reserve soldiers and passed a law establishing health tracking for returning soldiers.
She passed the Kids Car and Safety Act.
She successfully stopped efforts by the FDA to keep Plan B off the market.
She led the effort to get rid of the head of the FDA.
She held the Senate’s first committee ever on environmental justice.
She fought to extend unemployment benefits, and won.
She successfully advocated for education reform.
She fought to make abortion safe, legal and rare.
She wrote and secured passage of legislation to assist family caregivers in accessing affordable and high quality respite care.
She fought to make sure the medicines we give our children are safe.
She was the first US Senator to label what was happening in Darfur genocide.
Her work on behalf of the environment and the health of first responders after 9/11 is nothing short of heroic.
She fought for and got enhanced body armor for our troops.
She got the Pentagon to respond to the Congress in terms of planning for Iraq withdrawal. The list goes on.
Being Senator’s a great job and yet she thought “I can accomplish even more from the Oval Office”. So she tossed her hat in the ring after a lot of thought and preparation and she’s been on the road nearly 24/7 taking her message to the voters for over a year now, working for the chance to take on the republicans in the general election.

And you KNOW that’s not going to be a fun contest. Most people would say, “screw this, I’m outta here” after the way they treated her and her family over the past 15 years (I know I would have and – admit it – you would too). She knows better than anyone what awaits her if she makes it into the general and yet she’s still determined to work her ass off for the right to be sent into that cesspool of a contest against the right wing attack machine – the RNC & the multitude of 527s that are waiting in the wings.

This woman has the heart of champion and she’s fighting for the chance to fight for us. We need to let her know we have her back. We’ve got to keep our chin up – stay strong – and keep fighting for her the way she’s been fighting for us.

Because at the end of the day, we need her more than she needs us.

Ya know I doubt many besides her family, closest friends or aides ever think to ask Hillary how she manages to keep going like this. In fact, that moment when she let her guard down at that event in New Hampshire a few weeks back gave us a brief glimpse of just how unusual it is for voters, the press, the media or anyone really to ask her questions like that. She listens – her main focus is always on other people and she always seems to be looking for ways to help others. She was actually caught off guard there and I think it moved her deeply to know that someone – a stranger – actually cared enough to ask. She’s answered tens of thousands of questions about her record, her proposals, and all that other stuff. But this had nothing to do with policy. It had nothing to do with her record. It was just one simple question – “how do you manage?”

And that’s when we saw this memorable video of her in New Hampshire

She’s fighting for us because in her heart of hearts, she knows she’s the one person who can tackle the problems that await our next leader in the most effective way possible. She knows she can get the job done like no one else can when it comes to …

Making UNIVERSAL healthcare a reality, knowing she’s the only candidate with a truly UNIVERSAL health care plan – one that will cover everybody and leave no one behind.
Rebuilding our middle class.
Stopping the foreclosures.
Locking in loan rates to help steady the housing market.
Bringing our combat troops home asap and safely (starting in 60 days – no later).
Developing Green Collar jobs & breaking our dependence on fossil fuels.
Making college more accessible and affordable.
Ensuring that all four year olds have access to Pre-K programs.
Ending no child left behind.
Creating a new $3,500 college tax credit.
Increasing the maximum Pell Grant.
Protecting our public schools from those who would push for their privatization via vouchers.
Protecting our reproductive rights and making birth control readily available.
Providing our troops with what they need to do what she asks of them
Dealing with our skyrocketing budget deficits.
Providing our nation with a functioning government that abides by the laws of our land (ie the Constitution).
Restoring our government to one that can respond to natural disasters (or goddess forbid – unnatural disasters).
Forming a government that relies on & is guided by science again instead of a neocon agenda.
Restoring our good name around the globe through her contacts with leaders.
Dealing with whatever the bad guys might throw at us
Leading our military as Commander in Chief

And most importantly…

Kicking some serious GOP @ss in the general election!

After all that she’s been through she still wants to be of service to the nation she loves – and continue fighting for the causes that we Democrats have been fighting for over the years.

She sees the work that still needs to be done.
She sees the battles that still need fighting.
She sees people who are hurting and who still need her help.

She’s fighting for the chance to do the work.
She’s fighting for the chance to win those battles.
She’s fighting for the chance to help the millions of people who are counting on her.

I plan to stand by her every step of the way – and I know I won’t be standing alone.

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32 Responses to Heart of a Champion

  1. Adrienne in CA says:

    Thanks, Alegre. The depth and breadth of Hillary’s service to our party and our nation is awe inspiring, and bears repeating. No wonder she is still the strongest candidate against McCain — even now after weeks of being belittled or ignored in the press.

    Some lights shine too bright to be extinguished.


  2. JoeSky says:

    Sen. Clinton is the best candidate to lead the country in this difficult time. She has the whole package.

  3. c deboo says:

    breaks my heart to see her so poorly treated. it seemed
    no one came to her defense except bill.
    i have never seen democrats be so viscious and hatefull as they were towards her. i didn’t know it was in us.

  4. foxyladi14 says:

    i cry every time i read this tears of gratitude for this great lady
    it is her unshakabe faith in god gives her the strength
    and courage to do what she does
    what a wonderful happy day for america when we watch her
    being sworn in as the 44th president of these great
    united states of america

  5. c deboo says:

    funny how obama’s politics of hope promotes so much hate.
    i wish they could see themselves

  6. rgutty says:

    Came here as an immigrant in the early 90’s and finding a job was not a problem because of Bill clinton’s leadership.

    With her platform, I believe Sen Clinton can do a lot to fix the problems that are besetting our country.

  7. Cecilia says:

    We need to make every effort to get Hillary elected. We can do it together. Let’s all fight and march on!

  8. Bill Austin says:

    Hillary has always been a champion for the people. She is super smart, energetic, and a work horse. We need Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House as Comander in Chief.

    Hillary is what we need at this time of history.

    Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  9. Sue RW says:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton, in addition to her experience and solid platform, has
    shown integrity, determination and the toughness required in a President.
    Quite simply, she is the better candidate to run in November and the person
    more qualified to be President of the United States.

  10. Toni4Hill says:

    Alegre has become one of favorite bloggers especially after hearing her speak during a conference call with Senator Clinton. At this point and throughout the entire campaign Senator Clinton has been the strongest of all candidates. She could run right now against Obama and McCain and she would win handily. The DNC and the main stream press have been railroading her and US since day one of this campaign season. We are Clinton Democrats which means we are core Democrats and we care about the rights of all people and not just those of a chosen few. Senator Clinton is fighting for people living on the streets as well as those in the Penthouse. We must keep fighting for what is right even if it means we all meet in Denver. Sentor Clinton in the White House is our goal now let’s go do it. Fight on!

  11. Alegre says:

    Like millions of her other supporters, I hope with every fiber of my being that Hillary takes this fight all the way to our party’s convention.

    It is unconscionable to think our party leaders are pushing so hard to drive out the candidate who leads – and will still lead in the popular vote once the people have all voter.


    Sorry for the all caps here gang but I feel so strongly about the need for her to take this fight to the convention. She’s / we are fighting for nothing less than the very survival of the Democratic Party.

  12. Belinda says:

    This football super bowl ended with an undefeated team (never losing not one game being upset at the super bowl. Clearly it was expected that they would win. Everyone bet on it. It was inevitable. If experience were the only criteria used to select a candidate, then Bill Clinton when he ran against George Bush would never have won. He was a gifted speaker an clearly a better politician. Clearly our Bill Clinton was the best candidate in 1992 and 1996.

    I seek integrity and honesty in a presidential candidate. The rules say that this is a delegate race. That means that polls and votes are not the criteria by which this race winner is chosen. In every competition, there will ultimately be one winner chosen. The hope from this democrat is that we not loose sight of the bigger goal, which is to beat McBush and bring this war to an end.

    At the end of the day, the democratic party needs to be united to win and end the Bush/Cheney reign. This requires that we embrace the platform of our party, use our energy to get our policies passed. This is our election to win/lose. I for one am willing to use my energy to fight for vicotory for my children, party., and our nation.

    I for one refuse to allow the GOP to keep our children in a war that is killing and destroying the minds of my children. I will never cast a vote that will perpetuate the lie that got us into a war that the GOP and McBush want to keep going for years to come. I love Hillary, but I will not sacrifice the next generation and my generation to perpetuate the Bush policies and ideals. At the end of the day, I am and will always be a democrat.

  13. coldH2Owi says:


    If it’s good enough for Kendall, it ought to be good enough for a front pager. Calling Ms. Leavey.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I love Hillary and I would vote for Bill Clinton today if he were running for president. Heck, I would vote for Chelsea:) The truth of the matter is that McCain is no choice for our children who are fighting their hearts out in Iraq. I know that Hillary will end this war if she were president and I know that McCain will not. I am going to fight to make sure that a democrat wins this year and I know that Hillary and Bill will to, because they understand the importance of this election, and that is why we all love them so much. They care so much about this country, and the people God bless America.

  15. soona says:

    What exactly being a democrat means? What the ideals of the party you have seen in this primary season that inhances your faith in it?.
    Pracitcally the party CHOSE BO. the basic element of democracy (popular votes) was ignored. The cover up of his weaknesses by not allowing people to know who is the real person is.
    The sexist campain against Hillary with not even one person of the party to step up and say something, not even when her assisination was suggested on tv.
    About BO and the war, remember his political advisor Ms Power? remember what she said in that same interview where she said Hillary is monster? Well let me remind u. She said don’t expect Obama when he get in the WH he tol do every thing he said he is going to do during the campain. She was talking about the Irag war. She said he will reevaluate the situation again and then he will deciede what is best. It MAY BE DIFFERENT FROM WHAT HE SAID BEFORE. My guess that why she was fired not because she called Clinton a monster, she spelled the beans too soon.
    So if the war is the only reason to vote for him….

  16. Vern says:

    I am first and foremost an American. The junior Senator from Illinois is not yet ready to be Commander in Chief. He gives a great speech and his supporters are impressed by that. When the shouting is over, what we will have left is a man who will not have time for speeches, then where will we be? He has not even been honest with us about who he is? He is an Arab posing as whatever it takes to get elected? “Hope we can believe in” requires courage and truth. I will accept any of God’s children who are willing with all of their flaws to be real! It is a pity Mr. Obama did not trust the American people with the truth. We are a very forgiving, passionate, and honorable people. We are all a family, we come from everywhere. Had he given us a chance, we would have accepted him just as he is. That would move me, even without experience, you can trust that kind of character. Que lastima!

  17. I seldom go negative on Sen. Clinton here (a) because she is a close tie, in my mind, to Sen. Obama for best to be the next Pres.; & (b) out of deep respect for the preferences of our hostess. Having made the obligatory disclaimers, please allow me to point out (quite cynically, I agree, and while admitting that I, too, would help Slick Willy again if and when he ever bothers to get back on the ballot) that the Clintons went from upper middle class to $100 million plus net worth in one stint in the White House. Extrapolating from that, the math tells me that even if they spent every penny they have to pull this one off, they could emerge from the other side well up in the list of the wealthiest people on the planet.

    I’m just saying!

  18. sally says:

    I have two sons and it is my greatest hope that they will grow up to be like Hillary Clinton.

  19. avwrobel says:

    It seems to be a natural human behavior to take for granted what you have, and fight like hell when you’re about to lose it. I took Hillary for granted early on, but am sure fighting hard for her now. (I’ll be in DC tomorrow too) Tom Hayden’s rant the other day about there being ‘blood in the streets of Denver’ if Hillary wins the nomination means Obambi realizes full well this campaign is far from over. Besides, are any of his supporters really going to go violent over him if he loses? Please. The BEST thing we can do now is to contribute at HillaryCinton.com. She has a 2 for 1 dollar matching program going through tomorrow. It will make a giant impact if Hillary can announce Monday (after the big Puerto Rico win) a big fund raising number for May, perhaps even beating Obambi for the first time in a while. Obambi spent more in April than he took in for the first time. As time goes on he continues to get weaker while Hillary gets stronger. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!! even $5.00 helps a lot!

  20. Lucille Arneson says:

    How anyone with nothing in his resume thinks he can best Hillary Clinton’ resume is beyond me. All of her accomplishments make her stand 1000 feet taller than her competition. She’s the one with the experience and knowledge, while her competition has neither.

  21. mariela says:

    Go Hillary, we are with you a 100% if you need to take this to the convention we will support. You know that you are the one to lead this nation not Barrack Obama. Do not let this inexperience guy to take it from you. You deserve to be the party nominee.. Please do not give up because we have not given up from you. Keep fighthing like always. We admire and we loved you. You are the best equip to lead. you are an intelligent and all the worked you have done for this country. I hope Michigan and Florida can be resolved for you.

    Good luck and do not give up go to Denver to fight for your nomination

    If is Obama the nominee I am not votin for him instead I will be voting Maccain 2008

    Hillary 2008

  22. Elizabeth says:

    It is time to be educated on John McCain. He does not have expertise in Foreign Policy, Economics. He does not keep his word. Who is John McCain and why should any Democrat or Republican vote for him.


  23. Northshorewoman says:

    Keep working for Sen. Clinton: Write to all of your Delegates, if neither candidate gets the magic number, then it goes to the Convention and minds and votes can be changed (although it is discouraged by the rules for pledged delegates — it will be a message and poliicians pay attention to messages) (and, of course Super Delegates can change their minds at any time); Respond to as many commentaries as you can (politicians pay attention to them, too); Go to http://www.hillaryclinton.com, where the going ask for those of us not in the upper tax brackets is $5 (in fact, right now, your donation will be doubled). $5 doesn’t seem like much, by times Million or Two Million, it adds up. It also shows Sen. Clinton that we are there to support her as she gets up every single day to work for us.

  24. Nancy Maconi says:

    Someone needs to buy these “superdelegates” glasses and
    a hearing aid. Hillary has to be the Democratic candidate
    in November if the Democrats expect to WIN.
    Plain truth is Hillary is the only one who can win against John McCain. The Republican party is praying they face Obama in November. They are literally licking their chops thinking of all the havoc they can wreak- and doubt they can interject -about his inexperience, his religion, his “elitism”, his failure to pledge allegiance to the flag, his failure to run with the fact that he is half-white….. Anyone notice that he NEVER utters that fact?? All this time he should have been campaigning on the basis that he is half white and half black – essentially the perfect candidate for ALL people. So why hasn’t he been just as proud to be white? Huge food for thought (as if his church hasn’t already
    given you enough).
    Remember this is a country that likes to cheer you one minute and find a dozen reasons to doubt you once they have placed you on the throne. Obama is by far the easiest one for McCain to defeat in November. Let’s save time. Wise up and go with the “polarizing” candidate they didn’t like to begin with. Hillary Clinton. I can not believe America is so unwilling to accept a woman as President. Is anyone out there listening…..??
    If Obama wins the battle, McCain wins the war. Fact.

  25. Ja'Net says:

    I know Hillary is the most qualified candidate. I will write her name in before I vote for OB. I stand with her to take this to the convention floor. It is not fair that OB took his name off the ballot and then he want to have half of the votes, plus take four of Hillary’s. Give me a break. If he was so honest, he would have corrected the committee. OB campaign thanks that Hillary’s people will change their minds and vote for OB in November. I am here to tell the OB camp, this will never happen. Don’t take us for fools.

  26. Larry Afriyie says:

    Thank you Hillary for standing up to the party and the ungliness of the media’s unfair treatment of you. I get so angry of the unfairness of the media, the party phonies, the so called I am uncommited such as Nancy Pelosi, James Clayburn, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Donna Brazile, and all the back stabbers that it makes my blood boil.

    If the Dem. party thnk that we will forget and unite for Obama, they are living in the another planet. There is no way that I will vote for Obama.
    I still believe and will stand by you all the way to the Nov. election. HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT

  27. Maria Pardo says:

    Thank you for this inspiring article. I do not understand why Democratic Party does not support Hillary, which is by large the better candidate they have to run the Presidential Elections. She should have 54% of pledged delegates and Obama only 46% if the allocation of delegates would be democratically proportional to the population of each state. The most important is that she is the leader in the swing states, which are decisive for Presidential Election, getting 54% of votes and Obama only 465. Hillary is the leader in the Presidential Election Polls and she would win agaings McCain with 14% more votes than him in the swing states, while Obama would loose the presidentical election with 3% below McCain.
    My question is: Why some Democrat superdelegates prefer to loose the Presidential Election by not giving support to Hillary which is the only democract candidate with possibilites to win agains McCain?

  28. Sarah Kates-March says:

    This has been the most unfair manipulated campaign I have seen in my lifetime. The democrats should be ashamed. Rather than celebrate the how far we have come with a woman and an African American – they panicked at sold out sexism to maintain a-politically-correct-untouchable-by- the-media face. Hillary stood strong and never backed down, though it was clear the media and others would keep her out, and as a society our sexism is still so prevailant. If she showed any kind of emotion she “had a break down” if she stood strong she was “Steely and cold.” I always believed the democratic party stood for equality and justice for ALL – not who they want. I am sad after yesterday’s unconfirmed AP announcement – that wouldn’t have happened to another candidate. As women we need a stronger and louder voice to combat this issue. Help! Where do we start and how do we get the air time. I’ll get the bull horn if necessary. Do it for us! Do it for our daughters!

  29. helene says:

    i am a londoner and cant believe what is happening to mrs clinton; i think the democrat pundits should be ashamed of themselves.
    i think mr maccain is in a very good position to win in november now that h clinton has been pushed aside by the obama mafia.

  30. maggie strasburger says:

    As a resident of Washington State, I find the charges of sexism towards Hillary by the mainstream as a bit over-blown. Sure, right-wing radio is horrible, but the mainstream? I am represented by a Woman for governor and both my US senators are women. I don’t see in print or hear any sexist talk. Partisan, yes – but not sexist. I think a woman’s day as president is coming. I hope all the name-calling and rancor hasn’t delayed that day.

  31. Miss Lucy says:

    Thank you for the article. I have said all along what a wonderful candidate Senator Clinton is and how she has devoted her entire career to helping others, but, no one bothers to read much anymore, they just decide who looks the way they want or they follow some movie star….and most chose to watch CNN, MSNBC and FOX, like Hannity and Combs, who are nothing short of useless. I don’t think I have ever heard such cruel, sexist , and disrespectful remarks made by media people in my life. I call them media people, because you cannot call them jounalist or news people, they don’t really report the facts, they report disgusting National Inquirer type stories, for ratings…they don’t care how it harms us and our kids or some of the candidates…it’s not even about the platforms the candidates represent…most of it is making fun of their lives and their looks it is not about us the American people…or the candidate of the people….they try to influence voters by using Realty Show tactics and repeating and repeating over and over again and pounding anyone who watches with lies and distorted stories for the sake of ratings…to hell with how they have destroyed the real of the news shows, the media and the younger viewers… I know I will never watch another one of their disgusting. They were cruel and lied about Senator Clinton, they were sexist, and diminished her impact on people by reporting negative information in hopes of raising the impact of others and when she beat the others by double digits it was women they claimed that made the difference, and gave Senator Clinton no credit for the win and now, they are trying to convince all the Senator Clinton 18,000,000 voters that most will come around and go Obama…and you have to wonder why…could it be money? They are putting paid bloggers on her web site and removing any supporting blogs posted by Senator Clintons supporters……..and instead putting having these paid bloggers write these “unite messages” and all the original bloggers are no where to be found on Senator Clintons site…but, we know where they are….Could it be that is what the people who run the networks, from the entertainment industry, want, Obama because he is for the ELITE as they feel they are…Like Oprah, Tom Cruise, Ted Kennedy, Will Smith and of course Susan Sarandon, who will leave the country if McCain wins, well go Sarandon…we don’t care…….no wonder Obama has so much money in his campaign and the others didn’t…and yet Senator Clinton had 18,000,000 supporters…my guess is once this is over and done we will find so much more damaging evidence about that very fact and who this person Barrack Obama really is…I know who he isn’t..he isn’t a man who has morals, for a man with morals does not take his children to a radical racist church…or even attend himself for 20+ years…I know he isn’t amna who respect women, for amna with respect for women and his opponent would not have been condescending toward Senator Clinton… I think we know about Senator Clinton’s baggage as well as her many accomplishments, but, we know nothing about this person, except the bad baggage we have seen so far, Wright, Resko, Flegler, Farakon and Ayers and so on… maybe thats because there is nothing else about him worth knowing…read his record and see how he became the Senator of Ill….answer: no one else on the ballot…read his voting record once in the Senate…he abstains most of the time and his claim that Senator Clinton voted for the War in Iraq…they all voted for the war in Iraq, using the information the Intelligence reports provided…Kennedy and Kerry did as well…but not Obama, well that was only because he could not vote, he was not asked because he was not a Senator like the others..so it’s easy to play back seat quarterback when the play doesn’t work…isn’t it?
    I can claim that I will “change” everything for the Americans or the world…..that I am this savior of the people, but, then so did David Coresh(?) of Waco Texas fame, Bin Laden of 9/11 fame, Charlie Manson or Jimmy Carter or anyone can make these types of wild unrealistic claims and promises …but, having some kind of past proven record to back one up makes it much more believeable. Senator Clinton has worked her whole career for children and for women and others who need help…what has he done?

  32. Miss Lucy

    FYI – Ted Kennedy DID NOT vote for the Iraq War.

    The primaries are over. The Democratic Daily is now supporting Barack Obama for president — as Senator Hillary is.