Obama Gets More Flack As A One Man Gaffe Machine

As we discussed earlier today, Obama is finally getting some detailed Traditional Media attention. The WSJ says today:

obama.jpgAs smart and credentialed as he is, Sen. Obama is often an indifferent speaker without a teleprompter. He has large gaps in his knowledge base, and is just as likely to dig in and embrace a policy misstatement as abandon it. ABC reporter Jake Tapper calls him “a one-man gaffe machine.” (emphasis mine)

The author, John Fund, goes on to say:

clintonohio.jpgBut you can bet that if Hillary Clinton had done the same thing it would have been the focus of much more attention, especially after her Bosnia sniper-fire fib. That’s because gaffes are often blown up or downplayed based on whether or not they further a story line the media has attached to a politician. (emphasis mine)

If CNN and WSJ are starting to actually listen and investigate outside the established ‘story line’ of each candidate, then the tone of the general election coverage is about to change.

This is an article that should be read to help us understand how the Traditional Media reports politics.

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7 Responses to Obama Gets More Flack As A One Man Gaffe Machine

  1. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Obama’s been screwing up left and right but he has been given a pass so that the media can take out Hillary. Some like BTD at TalkLeft and even Digby think that Obama’s media darling status is going to last. This is only the beginning of Obama being evaluated. Without the benefit of the media I’d say he’s run an average campaign. His delegate lead is almost entirely based off caucuses for which we now know are not very representative of the population as a whole.

    Expect more of Obama being “reevaluated” if he is the nominee. When even his vocal supporters who are high office holders cannot name an Obama accomplishment when they go on TV, you know something is a little rotten.

  2. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Quite frankly, I despise the media for suddenly starting to throw out a few Obama negatives. They surely know it is too late. Which means that what they are really doing if you read between the lines is letting us know that they know Obama is not all he’s cracked up to be, and that they have always known. They just didn’t choose to report it when it mattered. They report it now to give themselves plausible deniability in the future. Unfortunately for them, there is already a never before seen level of outrage at their cravenness that I doubt they will ever recover. A majority of the population no longer believes them without question. The Iraq War started their slide, though it has been happening since at least Reagan. But they have been so crass in their demonization of Hillary that even the most naive have noticed.

  3. Gilbert, you have just given most of the reasons I fear our performance in this election.

    I have no doubt, none, that we will pick up seats in the House and Senate. I believe with all the Republican retirements that those open seat races, even in Red Districts like CA-48, are open to contest.

    It’s the micro-examination of an untested nominee, if it’s Barack Obama, that worries me.

  4. Audrey Donatelli says:

    The only way to not disenfranchise voters in Florida and Michigan is to have two new separae primaries held in thosestates so that EVERY vote can count – not a distriution of voters who voted when all voters were told their votes would not count.

  5. coldH2Owi says:

    John Fund, true progressive.

  6. KrndallJ says:

    Obama has a serious knowledge deficit and that is only one of the reasons millions of reasons why Senator Clinton should be our nominee.

  7. KrndallJ says:

    I heard Obama talking about aids and HIV and he didn’t even know the proper term for the most common treatement regiment. He called the regiement “anti -viral” drugs, rather than “anti-retroviral” which is the proper term. He didn’t even know the most basic aspects of aids treatments. Can you imagine if Hillary made such a mistake. I am sure that Hillary would have known better. She has experience and exposure to the issues!!!!!