Barbara Boxer Pushes for Climate Bill in Democratic Radio Address

I know our readers are all focused on the DNC Rules Committee Meeting today, but I wanted to highlight another important issue in the news today…

California Senator Barbara Boxer gave the Democratic Radio Address today and she spoke about the urgent need for the U.S. to act on global warming before it’s too late. The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the bi-partisan legislation on Monday. You can listen to Boxer’s Radio Address here.

The text of the radio address, as delivered, is below:

Good morning. I’m Senator Barbara Boxer from California and Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee. Next week, the Senate will begin debate on one of the most important issues of our time — global warming.

“Senators have come together across party lines to write a law that will not only enable us to avoid the ravages of unchecked global warming, but will create millions of new jobs and put us on the path to energy independence. Other benefits of our legislation will be cleaner air, energy efficiency, relief for consumers and the alternative energy choices that American families deserve. And, by acting wisely, America will regain the leadership we have lost these past seven years.

“There are some in the Senate who insist that global warming is nothing more than science fiction. These are the same kind of voices who said that the world was flat, cigarettes were safe and cars didn’t need airbags – long after the rest of us knew the truth.

“The fact is that the overwhelming majority of scientists say that the earth is in peril if we don’t act now. They’ve told us clearly that more than 40 percent of God’s creatures could face extinction if we don’t act now. They’ve told us of more intense weather events if we don’t act now. Health experts have told us that infectious diseases will increase due to warmer waters. And military leaders have told us that unchecked global warming will lead to severe conflict and war as droughts, floods and rising sea levels create huge numbers of desperate refugees.

“I hope you will help us convince the negative voices that we must act now to avert these dangers. Tell the Bush administration to help us, not fight us. Tell your Senators that action now will have positive results for our families and our nation. Tell those skeptics who say ‘wait for China and India to act’ that the America we know and love doesn’t hide from a challenge and wait for others to lead.

“Right now, many of our states, including my home state, are leading. They have the will. Our mayors are leading. They have the will. Religious leaders have urged us to act now as well. They reminded me of a wonderful quote that motivates me to work as hard as I can for as long as it takes to responsibly address global warming. These words stay with me: ‘When God created the first man, he took him around to all the trees in the Garden of Eden and said to him “see my handiwork, how beautiful and choice they are. Be careful not to ruin and destroy my world, for if you do ruin it, there is no one to repair it after you.”‘

“I truly hope that you will support our efforts on the Senate floor. Please join our fight, and thanks for listening.”

On Thursday, The Trail reported that while all three of the “remaining presidential candidates have touted climate change as a central theme in their campaigns, all of them may miss next week’s critical vote when the Senate considers a landmark bill imposing mandatory limits on greenhouse gases.”

Environmentalists warned today that presidential candidates can’t claim to be green on the campaign trail when they’re ducking the most important environmental vote of the year.

“If you don’t come back to vote on the bill, you can’t say that you’re all that serious about taking action on climate change,” said Lexi Shultz, deputy director of the climate program at the advocacy group Union of Concerned Scientists.

Clinton and Obama can not afford to miss this important vote.

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One Response to Barbara Boxer Pushes for Climate Bill in Democratic Radio Address

  1. No less a person than Jack Welch (ex head of GE) is on record as saying that we have to take global warming seriously because the cost of being wrong is too great to even consider. That’s good enough for me.