Clinton Nets Over 600,000 Votes Today

No matter what you think of the delegate rulings today, one thing is clear. By seating the delegates in any fashion, the RBC legitimized the popular vote tallies from FL and MI. This means Hillary can legitimately claim a net of over 600,000 votes today. No news source should report total popular vote numbers that don’t include the tallies from FL and MI.

Were FL and MI voters unfairly punished in the way their delegate allocation impacts the nomination? Yes. But their vote totals were legitimized. Hillary has now legitimately received more votes than any other candidate this cycle, and in fact, ever. Superdelegates now have to decide whether popular vote, winning the big and important states, and being the stronger candidate against McCain is important. They are free to exercise their own judgment and can ignore the popular vote and the electoral map. That is their choice.

Regardless, as of today I can proudly say that I supported the candidate who received the most popular votes in this contest.

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15 Responses to Clinton Nets Over 600,000 Votes Today

  1. hummingbirdv says:

    Gilbert…. I’m sure you meant to say , “As of today, I can proudly say that I SUPPORT (present tense) the candidate who has the most popular vote.”

    Hill is headed to the convention and I am with her all the way and I still believe to the White House. Hope you do too.

  2. Julie44 says:

    Hillary can claim anything she wants about popular vote it is not going to get her the nomination.

    Next week the number of needed superdelegates will go to Obama

  3. J. Diamond says:

    and the popular vote from Puerto Rico will most likely give her a rather large margin in the popular vote… unfortunately, i expect the media and the obama half of the democratic party to studiously ignore the popular vote from here forward. if we clinton supporters “annoyingly” bring it up, they will have a litany of reasons to discount the popular vote including: FL & MI still are not legitimate (they will be obstinate on this point), caucuses do not produce a full popular vote count, and finally, it’s all about the delegates anyway!

    there is no doubt that Hillary’s campaign made some serious mistakes early on by not organizing in the post-super-tuesday states, especially caucus states, but there is no doubt that since february 19th (when obama achieved his last significant victory in WI), obama has been resoundingly rejected by democratic voters. he has won only 3 states (the heavily african american NC, and extremely liberal OR & VT)… furthermore, he has lost support among independents and cross-over republicans, and rasmussen just released a new poll that shows obama’s favorability rating taking a dive… in the face of this (and the new trinity church related drag), the democratic party and the superdelegates stubbornly push toward nominating obama who for his part has not done nearly enough to reach out to hillary supporters… if he were serious about reaching out to hillary supporters, then obama should have swiftly DEFENDED hillary following Pfleger’s rant (not just said that he finds it “divisive and backward-looking”)… if he were serious about reaching out to hillary supporters, his campaign should not have fanned the flames of the faux-outrage following hillary’s passing reference to the RFK assasination (he waited two days before backing down)… if he were serious about reaching out to hillary supporters, then he should not have mugged hillary of 4 crummy delegates in MI… did anyone see Ickes today? he was pissed about MI (too bad that he didn’t also stick up for FL)… why allow hillary’s people like Ickes speak out with moral indignation when obama didn’t even need those 4 delegates? i’m sorry, but there is so much wrong with obama right now that i honestly don’t see how he can recover within his own party… not to mention the divisive approach of his adamant supporters among the far left blogosphere and certain sectors of his african american supporters (think about those still supporting Rev. Wright as well as surrogates like jesse jackson, jr.)

  4. Benny Dawkins says:

    One question please. I have always loved this party, this is killing me. Is there anyone left that holds a principled position. Does anyone believe in a position that wasn’t formed after the fact in a manner to suit their candidate. Have we become so used to spin that we can be made to believe anything. The display of candidate partisanship and lack of principles today were disgusting. The republicans have to be laughing their rears off.

    I started off a Clinton supporter. I am a white, southern, veteran male, 55. After the display by her supporters today and her continuing to shift the goals and change the count I would no longer vote for her no matter what.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Benny, you can say all you want, but the my position, and the position of many others is extremely clear and consistent: innocent voters should never be punished and votes cast should count. You can call that spin if you want, but it’s a very simple premise that you are free to disagree with.

    It is too bad that democracy and fighting for innocent voters turns you off from Hillary. Perhaps, as with julie44, you don’t think popular vote matters. To some of us the fundamental tenets of democracy are more important than either candidate. On this I have been quite consistent.

  6. coldH2Owi says:

    How come these fine folks don’t get the same invitation to leave as I do,
    particularly since they say the same things? Just asking.

  7. Cold

    They are not saying the same things you do… 🙄


    Gilbert: Here’s a web site that has Sen. Clinton !7,410.000 over Sen. Obama 17.234,000 in the popular vote, and it hasn’t been updated since 5-23. In my mind one vote up is as good as a million in the popular vote. On the other hand it has Obama virtually clinching the nomination in delegates.

    I’ve seen Presidents inaugerated with fewer popular votes and more votes in the Electoral College.

    Short of a Constitutional Convention, I don’t know what to do about this.

    Do you support a Constitutional Convention?

  9. Dmitriy says:

    Supernuts don’t matter until August convention. See you there.

  10. Kris Fichter says:

    I want to send this to every Super delegate. I am outraged. This is unconstitutional and un-American. I live in Wisconsin and for the first time in my life, I feel as though many other people’s votes and mine do not count. How they can take so-called delegates away from Hillary and give them to Barack Obama is beyond me. Then on top of it, they give him more delegates when his name was not even on the ballet. I would sue. How is this possible? They have no right to interpret what people wanted. He got votes and delegates that were not even meant for him. How fair is this? He voluntarily took his name off the ballet; this was no one’s fault but his own. He should not be rewarded for doing so. If more people voted for Hillary Clinton, then she should be our nominee. That to me seems to be the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! People always tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. Whoever gets the most votes is the will of the people. Why they need to add all these delegate numbers together, I do not know. Make it simple, save our trees, save money, just add the votes together. More fair, shows the will of the people, and is a whole lot simpler. If Hillary has more votes than Barack Obama does, and Mr. Obama becomes our nominee, whose votes are you throwing away? Who doesn’t matter? This is why people do not go vote, because in the end it does not matter anyway. I feel like this now for the first time in my life and it is an awful feeling. More people would be involved and vote if they felt their, votes really meant something and they counted. I really do believe this entire system needs to be overhauled to include everyone and make sure that every vote counts. Mr. Obama’s integrity has diminished in my eyes as well as many of my friends I have talked to seeing he is willing to take something from Michigan that he knows darn well does not belong to him all in the name of winning something that does by popular vote, and by the REAL will of the people, not belong to him either. This to me makes him care about himself and not us, the AMERICAN people, or this country. He has really showed how selfish he is. One more thing to the DNC: WE ARE NOT HALF PEOPLE. All those people that voted are being punished for something they did not decide to do. You are not punishing or penalizing the actual people who made the decision to move up the primaries, you are penalizing and punishing the American people who voted. What will this do to us in November: In the end, Bye-bye White House and a brighter future for all of us. The people that run all this stuff need to learn how to be fair to all Americans. I did not hear one other state complain about Michigan and Florida, only all the rhetoric from the big wigs and all the spiny news media that can’t seem to stop telling people what’s going to happen even though they really don’t know themselves. The news does not seem to be news anymore; it seems to be personal agendas and trying to influence outcomes. Every time I opened my internet, there stood a big advertisement. “Should Hillary Quit, Vote Now”? It was there for months, WHY? What is happening to this country? I liked many others have talked about doing, will write Hillary Clintons name in on our November Ballet. Many of us are already starting to send out e-mails to Hillary supporters, family, friends, and every e-mail address we have. I am a 42 year old student at CVTC and I will be talking to everyone there also. I am also a business owner that travels a lot of states and I will be talking to people every chance I get. We are not going to stop supporting Hillary and even though you chose not to listen to the people’s votes, we will still make her our nominee. If Barack Obama would have received more votes than Hillary, many of us were willing to accept that, but that is not the case. Delegate numbers are NOT people, therefore they mean nothing to many of us. Most of the Super delegates are suppose to represent ALL people, why do they even take sides? I hope Hillary fights this because she certainly is in the right.
    Kris Fichter

  11. Phill says:

    I have always voted for the Democrats!
    The Democratic party is forcing me out!
    I will NOT vote for Obama in fall!
    Obama is an nti-white RACIST!
    If it is not Hillary my support is for John McCain!

  12. David says:

    If anybody out there still belives all of the Hillary supporters will vote for Obama in the fall, they are out of their mind!
    After seeing all the racist , crazy friends of Obama and his racist hateful wife, most of the Hillary Clinton supporters will go for John McCain!
    Hillary MUST take it to the convention!

  13. Janet says:

    I voted for Barrack Obama before knowing his church, his ties with Ayers, Khalidi, Hatem El Hady and Hamas!Most importanly knowing his extreme high income, capital gains and payroll taxes!
    Obma was never introduced to the American people enough!
    I would have NEVER voted for Obama if I knew those before!
    I want my vote back immediately!
    Superdelegates need to consider this sitiatiion!
    Obama is done since mid March!
    Obama became unelectable!

  14. Gilbert Martinez says:


    Two things. The nomination system is different than the federal election so not necessarily bound by laws. Sad but true. I’m fine with that, and letting the supers decide. But you can’t have Obama and Pelosi early on demanding super delegates must not overturn the “will of the people” and then the superdelegates going ahead and doing that (e.g. Kerry, Kennedy, etc.). Hopefully we’ll figure out the nomination system for next time.

    Second, I think there is an easier way to change the EV system than a constitutional convention. It’s being talked about already. Basically, states are free to chose their electors any way they want, which is bound by winner-take-all popular vote these days. Some states are trying to enter into a compact such that states that have enough EVs to decide the outcome all agree to give their electors to the popular vote winner. That would make the election a true popular vote decision and would be consistent with constitutional principles from what I hear. SOme states are already proceeding.