DNC Rules Committee Outcome: The Deal Is Done

I’m still shaking my head in wonderment over the deal forged at the DNC’s Rules Committee Meeting today. In a nutshell, as Marc Ambinder notes, “Clinton nets 24 delegates out of the day.” Read Ambinder’s take on the closing moments of the meeting. Needless to say there are some unhappy campers all the way around. Clinton campaign manager weighs in here with a statement on the decision.

The Clinton campaign is reserving “the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan’s delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast.”

So…. Will the decision bring “Unity” to the party? Good luck with that, as Big Tent Democrat notes:

…the biggest mistakes today were made by Barack Obama. Why? In my opinion, nothing that happened today could take the nomination away from Obama. Hell, he should have argued for full seating of both delegations based on the primary results, taking the Michigan uncommitted delegates. Even in the unlikely event the RBC would have agreed to that, that would have only cost him 57 delegates net. That was not going to threaten his nomination.

And it would have unified the Party. It would have been a wonderful gesture to the Clinton Wing of the Party. It would have shut everyone up when he wins the nomination. What did Obama do instead? He fought to take 4 delegates from Clinton in Michigan. For what? To piss off every Clinton supporter and keep the Party divided?

All over 4 measly delegates? Incredible.

Barack Obama will be the nominee of the Democratic Party imo, and for four measly delegates, he just made his already difficult task of unifying the Democratic Party that much more difficult.

No magnanimous gestures from Barack Obama today however in effort to the unify the part…

Instead a short time before the news broke of the final decision from the Rules Committee, we learn at “6:26: The Obama campaign confirms that Sen. Barack Obama has quit Trinity United Church in Chicago.” Interesting timing on an announcement that is now overshadowing the Rules Committee decision in the news and the blogosphere.

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7 Responses to DNC Rules Committee Outcome: The Deal Is Done

  1. I’m trying to figure out how the guy got so stupid so quick! Some of this stuff seems to be a no brainer, and he seems intent on insisting that he has no brain. Really weird!

    Is this the candidate, or is this the campaign?

  2. Darrell

    I think it’s a little of both frankly. Good luck to us with all of this. I think we’ll win in November regardless, but he sure as hell isn’t helping to win over HRC supporters. And he needs them.

  3. Keenanee says:

    I think DNC made a huge error. It’s like Bush and Gore all over again. The worse effect is that they created a great mistrust. I personally do not trust the democratc party anymore. Greed, control and far too much of political favoritism. I’m wondering why Clinton bothers staying with a party that is so divided and disloyal. They play with people’s emotions, and faith. I can’t believe how easy they have turned for nothing more then personal politics. How they tarnished the clinton legacy because they favor another candidate . Hillary should just go independent, she doesn’t need a party who won’t allow her to be the nominee, but use her just the same to campaign for an Obama presidency. This already a sinking ship, she best let it drown. I have great respect for Clinton, Obama had this nomination handed to him on a silver platter, whereas Hilary had to fight every step of the way. That’s the canidate that should be the nominee, not a projected democratc image, a figure head that looks and sounds the part.

  4. NativeFlower says:

    as i have written in other places tonight, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve traveled to D.C. and Boston. So I’ve been spending alot of time lately reading about. learning about and really absorbing in detail some of the early History of our nation. On Memorial Day, I stood in quiet reverence at the graves of some courageous and steadfast men and women who fought so hard for our independence and right to Govern ourselves: people like Sam Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and people who died in the Boston Massacre at the hands of a greedy monarchy who didn’t give a rat’s ass about the people they imposed their rules upon. I was quite nearly sickened to my stomach to think how this Democratic primary season has turned into the horror we see before us now… our party leaders COMPROMISING THE VERY PRINCIPLES ON WHICH THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED!
    to take the Right to Vote away from the People in unconscionable ! ! ! !

    Democratic Voters in Florida and Michigan are LIVID! and I don’t blame them!
    there is outcry all over the blogosphere. McCain will be our next president. I pray.

  5. deb says:

    As a white, middle-class, feminist, woman from the 60s from Michigan, I am very pleased with the results from DNC. I, and many people I know, voted for “uncommitted” as a vote for Obama. We were told NOT to write in Obama’s name, as it would NOT be counted, as is shown in the 30,000 votes that were not counted. Many people did not vote because of that. If we had the ability to write in a candidate, I would not feel this way. The MIchigan legislature did a good job, thanks to the DNC for understanding our unique position.

  6. Keenanee says:

    That’s a lie. Our michigan numbers turned out in record numbers despite being told it wouldn’t count. In fact, Obama told listeners on Detroit radio stations to vote uncommitted to his cause, and still Hillary trounced him.

    His reasons for doing so were political all around, to please Iowa, then come back to claim that of which were not his.

    And not all the uncommitted went to Obama, you had several others who pulled their names as well. Edwards, who was pretty popular here at the time, and Bill Richards who would have taken at least three percent. Then, there were others aside from Clinton who were still on the ballad, such as Dodd, it was not just two choices during the primaries. The complaint is regardless of who didn’t show up, those who did come out in record numbers wanted to have their voices heard.

    You can’t base election who decided unwisely not to “show up”

    And the delegates were not allocated correctly, no matter who you’re backing. Obama didn’t just take votes from Hillary, it was the other contestants at the time as well. Whether they are for Obama or not. You cannot take votes and give to a candidate you favor, period.

  7. groovesmoothy says:

    First off I’m native Michigander, and now an active Obama delegate from TX. I will state emphatically that I’m not a Hillary hater by any means. I don’t believe we are a party of entitlement and I don’t believe anyone owns the rights to our presidency. It’s always anyones game and we pick our winner by who plays by the rules in each and every state best. I don’t know what happened yesterday but I do know it was not Obama’s fault that the RBC screwed up on MI.

    I believe the RBC should have upheld the rules as they were agreed to prior to the primaries. When you decide to qualify elections that the rules implicitly state did not count, an election, mind you, where you told the voters to vote for a ghost instead of writing in the names of actual candidates that removed their names from the ballot because officially the election no longer counts, how do you then decide whose delegates represent those that voted uncommitted? I really believe that MI screwed the pooch and held an effed up election. They knew it and went ahead and held it because they had been told it would not count. I really have a problem with the RBC qualifying that election then overriding the outcome by taking delegates from Clinton regardless of how well it actually reflects the electorate. This is why I believe (and have since before my family and friends voted) MI is a hot mess and should not have been seated at all. Period. I have no argument on the FL outcome, they got what they deserved for their rules violation and under their circumstances.

    There is one thing I think many of you don’t seem to get – prior to the meeting yesterday FL and MI had no delegations going to convention and no vote at convention. Now they do and in the case of the MI disaster more than they deserve. I would also like to say that while this deal is certainly not without odor it should not be compared to 2000. The closest thing I’ve seen to “2000 all over again” was the outrageous behavior on display yesterday. It reminded me of the ludicrous republican outrage over the recounts and it made me taste puke.

    I hope we can see our way past all of the negativity and reunite behind our parties core common beliefs. I know some of you aren’t coming along and I’m sorry but maybe it is time for you to finally settle down with your moderate republican friends. I don’t know about all of that, I’ve been running from them my whole life. What I do know is that it’s time to get the republicans out of the White house and that’s not going to happen if democrats stay home in November.