More on the DNC Meeting 10:58am PDT

I’ve been watching this meeting and I have reached at least one conclusion. Somehow, and I can’t understand how, Barack Obama has managed once again to stack the room with his supporters.

Since there were only 500 seats available and they were allocated in seconds after being offered, I don’t understand how Obama accomplished the task. Obama has managed this ‘room stacking’ throughout his campaign. It’s pretty obvious that the room has more Obama supporters than Hillary Clinton.

I don’t think it will influence the committee. Yet once again Obama’s organizing skills, while publicly asking his supporters not to attend the meeting, has given him a verbal advantage in the room. If this were a caucus there wouldn’t even be a contest.

How we, as a party, can continue to sanction the caucus delegate selection process after this primary would be a mystery to me. We now have proof that the caucus concept can be unfairly ‘stacked’. It’s amazing. Let’s hope the committee can find a truly fair decision in a very difficult situation.

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10 Responses to More on the DNC Meeting 10:58am PDT

  1. Stuart

    I’m not watching, but I think you are wrong about Obama “stacking the room” with supporters — “BackfromOhio” is live blogging at TalkLeft from the hearing room and says at 11:38 am: “Most audience comprised of Hillary supporters it seems to me.”

    BackFromOhio notes this a couple of times in the thread and says that there appears to be some Obama supporters in the front, but more Clinton supporters.

  2. I think whatever the outcome today there will be some unhappy campers be it in the Clinton camp or in the Obama camp.

  3. While someone on the scene may have different opinions and knowledge the sounds of the room, as picked up by TV mic’s, make it seem different to me. I hear a lot more cheers for Obama positions than the other way around.

    I’m not there so I don’t know for certain.

  4. Gilbert Martinez says:

    The Obama campaign knows how to manipulate the media on this. I’ve heard that the Obama supporters are just louder than Hillary supporters. Here’s a trick, if you know where the cameras/mics are going to be, stack those areas with your supporters to make your applause seem louder. If you know where the cameras are going to be aimed at, stack those areas. This is not particularly uncommon or new to Obama. I’ve seen it in other, lower level campaigns before.

  5. At the risk of sounding cranky (which I am because I’ve been sick for a few days), frankly I think readers would be far more interested in a post on what is actually happening at the hearing rather than who has the most supporters.

    Just a thought. What matters is the debate and the outcome and the amount of supporters there for either candidate, don’t mean jack.

  6. coldH2Owi says:

    Good one Pamela. Hope you’re feeling better. I often suggest a shot of brandy, a shot of peppermint schnapps, & a shot of water. You can use ice if you want, but that’s not how we do up here in northern Wisco.

  7. Thanks Cold

    No alcohol for me… Sleep… and antibiotics.

  8. JP says:

    PL – feel better.