Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s going to be a wild partying week, with Independence Day coming up on Friday. That means it’s going to be a slow news week. Unfortunately, that does NOT mean that the world will forgo having it’s usual daily nervous breakdown. So, pull up your morning cuppa. It’s time for … Continue reading

Squabbling Over the Pigeon Bill: Pennsylvania Legislature Won’t Be Able to Soar Like Eagles Until It Shoots Down Animal Cruelty

Dave Comroe stepped to the firing line, raised his 12-gauge Browning over and under shotgun, aimed and fired. Before him, a pigeon fell, moments after being released from a box less than 20 yards away. About 25 times that day Comroe fired, hitting about three-fourths of the birds. He was … Continue reading


 There was “unity” in Unity, NH today and many of us are hoping it will spread across the country in huges waves that drive Democratic voters out to the polls in November for Barack Obama. It was a day of choreographed unity — their destination was a rally here in … Continue reading

Obama Gives $2,300 for Clinton Debt

Barack Obama started the ball rolling tonight to help Hillary Clinton pay down her campaign debt, writing a personal check of $2,300 to Clinton as “a goodwill gesture intended to nudge his top donors to help ease Mrs. Clinton’s campaign debt and help the two Democrats move beyond their rivalry to … Continue reading

Senator Dianne Feinstein On the Supreme Court’s Ruling Overturning the DC Handgun Ban

As Stuart noted below, today, the Supreme Court declared “that the Constitution protects an individual’s right to have a gun, not just the right of the states to maintain militias.” Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority in the landmark 5-to-4 decision, said the Constitution does not allow “the absolute … Continue reading