Films and Sets Burn in Universal Studios Fire

There’s been a huge fire raging on the Universal Studios set here in Los Angeles since early this morning. My apartment is about a mile north of the studio and the smell of the smoke is horrible because of the burning plastic:

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The fire has “destroyed a set from “Back to the Future,” the King Kong exhibit and a video vault containing more than 40,000 videos and reels.”

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One Response to Films and Sets Burn in Universal Studios Fire

  1. Quillar says:

    There were the 4 large explosions at 4 to 4:30 BEFORE the fire that woke the surrounding city up. Since Sunday morning the media has stopped asking about them. This idea that all these buildings burned from a blow-torch on shingles on the wooden facade doesn’t explain how it jumped between so many unconnected buildings over such a wide area. It’s as if 4 seperate explosions went off to start the fire.