The Future of The Clinton Candidacy and Hillary Clinton

I don’t believe a 4 delegate victory, or some similar number, at the convention is a real victory for either Hillary Clinton or the Party. While I have been a die-hard Clinton supporter for just 6 months, I’ve come to believe she is by far the best qualified to lead this nation.

That said, we must always remember the Prime Directive: First, Get Elected.

I don’t think there’s much doubt that Hillary Clinton will receive a majority of the popular vote. I also think her campaign was out-foxed in the caucus states and she will not win the number of delegates for a convincing, unifying nomination. Political errors happen in every campaign, large and small, yet this mistake in the caucus states will likely cost her the nomination.

I believe, in my saddened heart and soul, that will we hear a soft concession speech immediately after the last primaries next Tuesday. [much more follows] I also believe that the Obama campaign may reveal previously pledged superdelegates prior to her speech. Since Barack Obama is the true passive-aggressive candidate, doing one thing while saying another without leaving finger-prints on the action, he may even claim victory prior to her statement. That would be a huge error in judgment and would fracture the beginnings of Party unity.

I’m convinced that Hillary Clinton will call, with great passion, for Party unity so that we may convulsively win November and begin the process of unwinding the disaster of the Bush Administration. She, perhaps more than anyone else, understands the need for having a Democratic in the WH at the right time.

So what’s next? Will she take the Vice Presidential role? I hope not. She is too strong and a VP can’t outshine the President.

I believe that she can return to the Senate with increased power and influence having found her own distinctive political and personal voice.

She is no longer Bill Clinton’s wife. Now Bill Clinton happens to be married to an influential, powerful United State Senator named Hillary Clinton. It’s a major change in personal and political dynamic and one that free’s Hillary Clinton to walk her own individual path.

There was an interesting comment this morning by Howard Brownstein:

Hillary Clinton began the race as the inheritor of a family franchise built by her husband, Bill Clinton. She ends it with her own distinctive political voice–tough, empathetic, tenacious. Assuming that she doesn’t mount a suicidal effort to wrench the nomination from Obama after he reaches a delegate majority, she will return to the Senate a much larger figure than when this marathon started.

A Senator of long standing with high visibility can have as great an impact on the Nation as a President. I have long wondered why high powered Senator’s would give up that unique position as one of the 100 most powerful people in the world for one where no decision or proposal will be accepted without modification by 535 different people.

Without a miracle in the delegate process, I hope Hillary Clinton stays in the Senate. She can play an effective role in unwinding the changes made by the Bush Administration while building her own power base to pass much of her campaign agenda.

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25 Responses to The Future of The Clinton Candidacy and Hillary Clinton

  1. Vice Presidents are always weak? Dick Cheney.

    A Senator can be stronger than a President? No name comes to my mind.

    I love what Obama has promised to do to the BUSHCO legacy as some of his first official acts. On the other hand I still can’t get over the fact the voters want a different result and are being defied.

  2. pan230oh says:

    My take-away from this diary is the very important bolded statement – “She is no longer Bill Clinton’s wife” . Many women (and no doubt not a few men) who have followed Hillary since she first came on the national scene as “wife of” President Clinton have known for a very long time that she would one day stand on her own capabilities and her own voice. Of course, we had hoped that the nation was ready to recognize her for her work, her experience, her countless successes, and the strength of her character. Alas, that has not been the case over these past 12 months or so.
    Part of me wants to acknowledge the truth written above, but there is still a part of me that represents the anger and frustration of thousands and thousands of smart, capable, visionary leaders who were denied the recognition they deserved and the opportunities to lead because they are women and not men. We aren’t quite done with this election year, so I will reserve my judgment as to what she will do next.

  3. ClareA says:

    I began this campaign season (tepidly) for Clinton but then more strongly so. Part of this was because of how she evolved as a candidate. She seemed a bit stiff – even to me – at the beginning. It seems to me that the unexpectedly strong showing of Obama ended up bringing out the best in her. This really hit me when I caught part of her interview with Bill O’Reilly. She was smart and tough and personable at the same time.
    Besides that, she kept getting the votes of all kinds of people! who apparently didn’t catch on to the media narrative. She looked stronger and more confident and more authentic the longer things went on.
    I know I heard her say at least 4 times that she will work her heart out for Obama should he be the nominee. She has also said that it would be a grave mistake to vote for McCain or to not vote.
    I have always thought that I’d vote for the eventual nominee.
    But the over the top outrage incurred by the willful distortion of her comments about June….was it for me.
    I’d have to say that at this point, she’s a much better Democrat than I.

  4. Steve Cohn says:

    “She ‘s no longer the wife of Bill Clinton.”
    Interesting comment. To be honest I always viewed them as one politial being. I still remember the Clinton scandal days seeing bumper stickers that said “Impeach the President…and her husband too.”

    I think we all wish Bill had a more of Hillary’s direction and focus when he was in the white house.

    I know this won’t be popular, but I think the last year or so has further pollarized her as some one who is either loved or loathed. Assuming Hillary is not the nominee, I really think her legacy and future will be determined by her actions after she concedes (assuming it works out that way).

  5. Rebecca says:

    Sorry, didn’t drink the Clinton kool-aid. She’s a manipulative shrew who was NOT out-foxed by the Obama campaign. She merely overestimated her appeal. Theoretically she should have been a shoe-in because women are lemmings and would follow her into the fire (except me of course) but she couldn’t find her niche.

    She’s not particularly successful in the Senate, she heads no committees and she’s barely written any legislation. She’s coat-tailed her success on Bill’s presidency, pretty much all this experience you kool-aid drinkers allude to is merely First Lady duties or embellishments provided by Hillary. Sorry, it takes more than income re-distribution to become President and solve this country’s longstanding problems. It takes a good organization and that’s what Obama has.

    Didn’t anyone see Harold Ickes perform yesterday? When they thought the entitlement was set in December, they were all against Michigan and Florida doing their own thing but NOW that they need the votes because Hil overestimated her appeal, they want to re-write the rules and Hillary is positioning herself as the people’s champion.

    She’s an opportunist folks. Sorry..

  6. Rebecca says:

    and Clare, no one distorted her comments. Bill wrapped up the nomination in April when he ran – so that was a deliberate lie and she had no reason to mention RFK’s assassination. It was ghoulish. Hillary has an agenda for every word she utters and every action she takes and for goodness sake, this is the first time in a long time where the press has not been so awe-struck by the Clinton mystique. Maybe because they see its not so mysterious as it is manipulative.

    Everyone says Obama is secretly in bed with his pastor..why didn’t he quit sooner!! Etc. etc. Well here’s a thought – respect his claims that he is not controlled by the Pastor because you all seem to have no problem being convinced that Hillary is not controlled by Bill and no one presents a greater threat to our economy at this point than Mr. Free Trade himself…remember he’s the lobbyist for Colombia who would be (presumably) sleeping with the President. He thinks Free Trade is a great idea..and NAFTA really has worked out…

  7. Theresa Knudson says:

    Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments have already made an important difference to hundreds of thousands of people, from learning disabled children to farm workers. It is typical of Obama supporters to paint a false, negative, condescending picture of her, just as much of the biased news media has done. They have been throwing out boomerangs, however, and they shouldn’t expect Hillary to run out and catch them just to save their hide. Millions of us are really turned off and tuned out.

  8. Rebecca

    I’m curious – what committees in the Senate does Obama chair? Um… none actually.

    FYI per The Library of Congress:

    Barack Obama has introduced 123 pieces of legislation in the 110th Session of Congress and 66 pieces of legislation in the 109th Session of Congress.

    Hillary Clinton on the other hand has introduced 176 pieces of legislation in the 110th Session of Congress; 90 pieces of legislation in the 109th Session of Congress; 138 pieces of legislation in the 108th Session of Congress; and 161 pieces of legislation in the 107th Session of Congress.

    I’m not sure what Koolaid you have been drinking but you sure don’t know Hillary Clinton’s record in the Senate.

  9. Steve Cohn

    “Assuming Hillary is not the nominee, I really think her legacy and future will be determined by her actions after she concedes”

    Wow, great job at quoting the pundits who have been uttering this, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

    Hillary Clinton’s legacy will be among other things that she ran good, hard run for the nomination and had millions of supporters across the nation. Her legacy will show that her opponent still could not knock her out of the race by June of ’08 and still could not rack up the nomination on his own.

  10. Frenchdoc says:

    And Rebecca, thank you for providing us with additional evidence of the rabid sexism. Boy, you sure did get all your talking points in, each more ignorant and bigoted than the next. You can go collect your Axelrod fee now.

    So much for unity, I guess… but then we all figured out a long time ago this was just a shtick from an opportunistic politician carving his niche (hey, it works both ways!!).

  11. Rebecca says:

    its always fun when people get mad at facts — they call names…rabid sexism..this isn’t sexism, this is her out of control EGO..

    and introducing bills is different from writing them. And sponsoring someone for May Day is a great bill but a time waster..she hasn’t done anything of great note in the Senate…point it out..its like when you ask a Clintonite what is her experience?? Being First Lady?? Being a $500 an hour lawyer..?? What?? Writing a failed Universal Healthcare plan??

    No one has the answer but they just exult her experience.

    I don’t drink the kool-aid and if I’m female how can I be sexist about a member of my gender?? I’m not sexist just because I don’t think someone should be President just because their last name was Clinton.

  12. Rebecca says:

    and my point was and still is: Clinton ran on experience – all her experience in the Senate doing what???

    Obama didn’t make experience the hallmark of his candidacy – of course, you forget that now because its convenient. He promotes change. He has a great organization that listens to people and brings the best out in them. Donors from across the country continue to send him money — why?? Because he rode into the Senate on the coattails of his spouse?? No, because he is different – he is not campaigning on old money..he is not campaigning courtesy of Denise Rich and the remember Denise?? Bill gave her husband a pardon..

    You guys have an interesting way of forgetting FACTS and when you get called on it, you call people names…

    Peace people, that’s all the matters is we get Bush out of the white House. She can’t win. Get over it, move on and unify the party.

  13. Rebecca says:

    and no where was I portraying a false or condescending portrait of Mrs. Clinton’s accomplishments. They are minimal at best..she is still just the junior Senator from New York. Typical of Obama supporters??

    That is sad.

    Almost as sad as our former President mentioning race as an issue in South Carolina…and this wasn’t the media spin either..this was the words from the guy’s mouth.

    Almost as sad as Mrs. Clinton invoking the assassination of RFK as a reason to stay in the race??? Or mistakenly stating her husband didn’t wrap up the nomination until June when he ran..check the history books — he wrapped it up in April..

    But again, that’s not the media spin – those are the words coming from her mouth..

    Instead of calling me names, why don’t you write Harold Ickes a letter and tell him that he ran a really sad and sorry campaign, not worthy of all the money Denise Rich spent on it.

  14. Rebecca

    Obviously you came here just to spout your dislike of Hillary Clinton and didn’t even bother to read the post itself or get the point of the post.

    So hey, thanks for sharing your tired old once Republican but now Obama talking points against HRC. Funny… considering that Barack Obama couldn’t sew up the nomination on his come June 1. Funny, she’s got the lead in the popular vote and Obama is still waiting to be crowned the nominee. Funny… and a little sad that people who claim they are Democrats use tired old Republican talking points against our own.

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca. 🙄

    From what I can tell the only name calling here came from you.

  15. Paul V says:

    The DNC is doing it best,, that is a load of crap, its doing it best for barack obama and for Hilary she should do what she has to during this election,, I Hope she goes independent, so much talk is she does anything she will hurt her self for any office later,, that is crap what is true,, the DNC and corporate media already did that by the way they treated her,, there are so many Hilary voter are not going to vote,, but I want my vote to count, So like so many Barack Obama supporter claim they do ,, If obama does not win the primary obama supporter will vote for McCain, well what goes around comes around, I do not support the DNC , I only support Hilary clinton, I will not wast my vote,, by not voting,, I will Vote for McCain, not because I want him to win, Because I do not want Barack Obama to win more,, I can put up with McCain for 4 years, His hands are tired with congress anyway,, not much he can get done with out congress,, when this election is over a new campaign will start,, that is to replace the DNC and all the senators congress men & woman who treated Hilary with so dis-respect
    When there Term is up,, so many Democrats will be replace with Democrats that will be for the poeple,,What goes around comes Around,

  16. coldH2Owi says:

    Paul V:

    Wow. Talk about your Republican talking points.

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  18. Stuart: I’m with you. If she does not win the nomination, I would like to see her return to the senate and make her mark there. New Yorkers love her and she needs that now. Also, it would be very hard to play second fiddle to someone with the ego of Barack Obama.

  19. I would like to blog a few words in defense of Rebecca. I didn’t get the same take as you, Pamela. She is NOT using “tired ole Republican talking points .” Yes I do agree, Pamela, that it is very sad to see democrats using Republican type talking points against our own. But, please don’t blame the GOP for this mess. IT IS US-NOT THEM THAT IS CAUSING US to SELF EMPLODE. As I have said repeatedly, and been taken to task for, it is Hillary and Company who continue to use the gender and race card to create havoc. It is the Hillary camp which has facillitated the possibility that we might b able to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. Some, but not all of the rants coming from her campaign workers, following the meeting of the DNC Rules Committee are follows: “The Democrats are throwing this election away. An inadequate BLACK male who would not have been running had it not been that a WHITE WOMAN is runing for president. Harriet Christian, a Clinton volunteer, said–“They don’t think we won’t turn and vote for McCain. Well, I have news for you, McCain will be the next president of the united states.” They are now accusing the Obama campaign of being an, “anti-woman cult”. Outside of the committee loud chants by Hillary supporters were: McCain In o8″ and “No-bama”

    Any and all methods are being used by the Clinton’s to ferment party disunity!!

    Yes, Pamela, it is sad that Hillary’s ego is so big that she will sacrifice another four years of a GOP presidency over and above the well being of this nation.
    Her supporters at the DNC meeting were often refered to by reporters as being a “mob”.

    To me it seems that these die-hards have the firmly entrenched attitude that if Hillary is not the nominee there done being democrats now. It is one thing to vent and quite another to supply aid and comfort to the enemy camp. (McCain)

    If McCain runs short of campaign workers, it seems that Hillarys base would be willing and able to provided him with both membership and financial support. If this does not represent the epitomy of sour grapes, I fail to see what else would top it!!!!!! Buzz

  20. Could it be anything but a wonderful (not to mention historic) experience to be a heart beat away from the Presidency of the United States of America.

    Also it’s a huge and complicated world we live in, leaving plenty of room for anyone to create a legacy in any position of power.

  21. Buzz

    Do me a favor and chill out. Your comment frankly is more over the top than Rebecca’s. And yes, I have told you many times that things you said here against HRC were Republican talking points and I will say it again.

    As for the over the top HRC supporters threatening to vote for McCain or whatever, I don’t agree with that crap either. This blog doesn’t support that stuff and is on record to support the nominee — as you know. So as a long time friend of this blog, you really didn’t need to go there tonight. And I am disappointed that you did.

  22. Buzz

    I’ll add one more thing… I think some supporters of both candidates have collectively lost their freakin minds. There’s been so much foul crap spewed in the blogosphere for so long now that most days I dread even writing about this election. I’m disgusted and disenchanted and disheartened. I talk to people off the blogs that have more common sense and decency regarding both our candidates than here in the blogosphere. It’s rare that I hear anyone spout off about HRC or Obama in the world beyond the blogosphere.

    You’ve spouted here for months about HRC, even after I have asked you not to. I’ve tried to keep this blog running for months in the model it started — where commenters are respectful of all Dems.

    If you think Barack Obama is the better candidate – as I have said before – tell us why and stop trashing HRC. Because honestly Buzz, I think you are better person than this.

  23. Thank you Darrell.

    Quite frankly I am looking forward to this historic nomination and historic presidency. And I’m still of the mind that we will have a winning ticket with Obama and HRC together.

  24. I am in agreement with you, Pamela, in your last response to me. I too have frequently become disgusted, disenchanted, and disheartened by the intolerance of fringe elements of both the Obama and Hillary camps. Instead of being thankful that we were blessed to have two excellent candidates of this calliber, some in opposing camps have turned on each other.
    Perhaps I am a little, “over-the-top” in my pessimistic assessment. Democrats, unlike Republicans, have always been ready, willing and able to display their dirty linnen in public.
    Let us hope that cooler heads will prevail. I give all due respect to both the intellligence and tanacity of Senator Clinton. She has served, and will continue to serve, this country well!!
    Perhaps the most disheartening thing is that we had two excellent candidates who just happened to emerge at the same time. It’s really a shame that one of them has to finish second best. What are your views on an Obama/Clinton ticket? Would it be a prudent ticket? Do you think Hillary would accept the VP spot.? If she does not end up on the ticket and Obama wins over “McBush”, I think it would be imperative for Obama to offer her a position on his cabinet. The bottom line is that it is absolutely imperative for all democrats to come together to support our nominee once the dust seattles. Thanks for encouraging me to see things a little more opptomistcally and objectively. Buzz

  25. Buzz

    You’re a good friend and loyal Dem Daily reader. 🙂

    I’ve said here a few times that I think the idea of an Obama/Clinton ticket is a winner. I would hope he will ask and would hope she will accept. Otherwise I would want to see her in the cabinet.

    It’s been tough watching this back and forth and bickering. Two awesome candidates, our first woman and our first black. it breaks my heart to see people fighting over this. It really does.

    There’s too much at stake for people to be so vested in their personal preference that they can’t see the light through the trees.

    I honestly believe, knowing politics that both our candidates see the light through the trees — and supporters need to understand that they (Obama and Clinton) will rally together when the nomination is decided.