Clinton Aides Want to Keep The Fight Alive

As I reported here earlier today, the Clinton campaign pushed back on the buzz that Hillary was readying to concede in New York tomorrow night with a strong message that she is not conceding. However, Marc Ambinder notes, while there are no plans for a concession tomorrow night, the Clinton campaign projects “that Clinton will do better than expected in South Dakota, losing by a margin of less than ten points; they project a sizable loss in Montana.”

There’s more… Politico reports that Clinton aides are apparently pushing to keep the fight alive:

A Clinton donor tells me that on a conference call today with major fundraisers this afternoon, Harold Ickes told them Clinton isn’t planning to drop out. He pressed donors to stay unified, and reviewed tactical options, including challenging the Michigan delegation.

State finance committees are also circulating letters to deliver to Clinton tomorrow in New York, and I’ve obtained a draft of the Illinois finance committee’s letter, being circulated by a Clinton fundraising aide, Rafi Jafri, which stresses a fight until the convention, and a resolution in “August, and no earlier.”

We, the Illinois Finance Committee, want to show our full commitment to and support for Senator Hillary Clinton, in the fight for her rightful appointment as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee at the convention this August.

We believe she is, by far, the best candidate of the three, and the candidate most able to turn the ailing economy around, solve the housing crisis, end the war in Iraq and defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan, bring universal healthcare to our citizens, and finally make our country energy independent.

We also know she is the Democratic candidate best able to beat John McCain in the fall. One thing we are certain of is that the Republicans are good at winning elections. We, as Democrats, allowed them to win the last two contests, and we cannot afford to let that happen again.

Senator Clinton is ahead in the popular vote, and neither candidate can secure the nomination with pledged delegates alone. The automatic delegates can change their mind up until their vote at the convention, and that is why this nominating process must be resolved in August, and no earlier.

We Democrats will be united after our nomination process is completed, but only if that process is completed justly and in fair representation of the opinions of the members of our party. We believe nominating Hillary Clinton is the only way our party can guarantee victory in November.

Here’s what Hillary Clinton told the media today:

Jeralyn has more on South Dakota.

And speaking of South Dakota and the final primaries, AP News reports that Barack Obama said on Monday thart “he has asked Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton for a meeting on her terms “once the dust settles” from their race.”

The sooner we can bring the party together, the sooner we can start focusing on John McCain in November,” Obama told reporters. He said he spoke with Clinton on Sunday when he called to congratulate her on winning the Puerto Rico primary. […]

Obama said he apologized again to Clinton for racially charged remarks made by Rev. Michael Pfleger, who mocked Clinton last month during a sermon at Obama’s church. […]

He sought to reassure divided Democrats that he and Clinton will be working together in November despite fears by some that the Democratic Party will be divided after the long and bitter primary campaign.

Obama told the rally that he understands there have been “some worries about whether the Democratic Party will be divided when it’s all over.”

“There’s been thinking, well, are the Clinton folks going to support the Obama folks and are the Obama folks going to get together with the Clinton folks,” Obama said.

Senator Clinton has run an outstanding race, she is an outstanding public servant, and she and I will be working together in November,” Obama said.

Stay tuned… AP News also reports that Clinton “planned to meet with advisers at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., on Tuesday.”

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