Despite Divide Between Liberal Bloggers, Bloggers Agree on Importance of Supporting the Nominee

I just finished watching the video below from MSNBC with Taylor Marsh and Matthew Slutsky (DoubleSpeak). Both Taylor and Matthew agreed that despite the divide between bloggers over the two candidates, Obama and Clinton, bloggers will come together to support the nominee.

Watch it here:

I’ve been saying here for some time that I’ll be supporting the nominee and urging readers to do the same.

It’s time to put aside our personal preferences and work like hell to make sure McCain does not get elected — something else that Marsh & Slutsky agreed upon. And work we must, and so too must the candidates – both Obama and Clinton, as Marsh & Slutsky noted.

Taylor, like myself, is “keeping a hope open for Hillary Clinton to be Obama’s vice presidential nominee.”

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52 Responses to Despite Divide Between Liberal Bloggers, Bloggers Agree on Importance of Supporting the Nominee

  1. kcowley says:

    Cold- Why do you jump to conclusions and aggressively attack people’s words? Mark said he is in “political exile” and considering the “Pacific Green Party”, nothing about being a republican. He is obviously dispirited and I can’t imagine why you feel the need to be so aggressive. These people have been democrats for many years and are saddened by the role of the DNC in this campaign.. Your throwing insults is certainly not an act of unity, nor good sportsmanship, only exacerbating the situation.

    Pamela, Your site has been a relative place of calm in the midst of the storm, where people were more apt to debate the issues, not make personal hateful attacks with foul language. The f bombs are just so dull. You do a fine job of monitoring the discourse. Thank you for providing this site.

  2. kcowley

    Cold definitely needs to work on his communication skills and get that people are disappointed and disheartened. And on that note, I hope you are doing okay.