Some People Do Not Age Well – Brigitte Bardot Edition

For those of you unfamiliar with the 60s in France, Brigitte Bardot was a HUGE movie star and singer. She became a sex symbol especially through Roger Vadim’s film And God Created Woman (am I showing my age??) and the best songwriters composed for her. After the “refrigerator stars” of the 40s and 50s in French cinema (gorgeous women with no sensuality), Brigitte Bardot was obviously sexual and the directors of the French New Wave welcome the liberation from the old canons of femininity.

Not only that, but Bardot had guts. During the Algerian conflict, a far-right group threatened her. In response, she wrote an op-ed in a large-distribution newspaper to basically tell them to go f!@# themselves.

She ended her career early and rather abruptly, then became an animal rights activist. Then, became super racist and married a guy from the National Front, the fascist party. And it’s all downhill from there. Yesterday (via Le Monde), and for the fifth time, she was convicted of “incitation to racial hatred” and 15,000.00 Euros (three times what she had to pay the last time). She has it in for the Muslims and she has made comments to the effect that we’re being invaded. The sad thing is, she makes a valid point (animals should not be bled to death during the Muslim holiday of Aïd el-Kébir), but she can’t shut up and has to go on and on about the Muslims.

Oh, and she does not like homosexuals either. Sad to get old like that. Personally, I prefer to remember her like this:

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7 Responses to Some People Do Not Age Well – Brigitte Bardot Edition

  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who thought she looked rather rough now that years are catching up with her.

  2. Diane says:

    She is one of the greatest humane activists in the world, so I am very sorry that she turned out to be a bigot. It makes me sad, considering all the good she has done for so many years.

  3. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Ever it was, and ever it will be.

  4. Lynn says:

    Look, she is just telling the truth about the RADICAL Muslims. Ask Brigitte Gabriel what happened in Lebanon. Israel did not attack them, they asked for help. Why? Because Muslims were taking over they’re country and forcing peodple to be Muslim or die. The same thing is happening in England and now France. Just like it is going to happen here. People are so blind and stupid. Radical Muslims laugh at us and call us fools. Because they know our personalities. They know we are sooooo human rights oriented and politically correct that they can oh, let’s say, hijack planes and fly them into buildings or, kill they’re own people, rape they’re women and kill them because they are lower than dirt. People, wake up and smell the coffee. I dare to think what will happen if Obama gets in office.Kiss your free 60s peace and love butts goodbye. Because while you are fighting for peace, Radical Muslims are watching you and making plans to end your life. THEY don’t respect life and THEY are bigots towards women, homosexuals and anyone else that is not a MUSLIM. Do YOUR RESEARCH and get off your drugs. They’re making you hallucinate. War has been since the beginning of time . If we don’t go to war somewhere else, someone will go to war here. I know liberals think we need to end the war but, the war will not end just because we pull out. It will follow us….back here. I WILL NOT SHUT UP ANY LONGER!!!

  5. Frenchdoc says:

    Lynn, you forgot to mention that Obama is a Muslim. *shakes head in disbelief*

    And obviously, you know nothing about all these things you ranted about. So, get yourself educated first, learn some spelling and then come back when you have something interesting to say.

    Otherwise, I’ll delete your comments. I will not have racist comments on my threads. Arguments yes, deluded bigotry, no. I’ll leave this one up because it’s so ridiculous to the point of being funny.

    And since you care so little about human rights, that would make you just like the strawmen you describe. So stop projecting and get a life.

    Oh, and as a general rule, any “argument” invoking political correctness is not worth the keyboard it’s typed on.

    Go away, you ignorant moron.

    (Sorry, Pamela, no patience for this kind of drivel)

  6. Lynn says:

    By the way, Brigitte is just being a patriot, as am I of the US.

  7. Lynn


    You won’t spout that crap here any longer. You comment will stay as Frenchdoc said because “it’s so ridiculous to the point of being funny.” However, you won’t post any further comments here.

    Oh and Frenchdoc — Feel free to have at it with any fools like Lynn whenever they slither in.