Stop The Presses: Clinton Campaign Says She’s Not Conceding

Here we go again… Yesterday the media was abuzz that Hillary was set to concede but, as I reported here, her campaign denied the rumors. So again, this morning AP News broke a story that Clinton was “set to concede delegate race to Obama” tonight.

I emailed Clinton’s Internet Communications Director for clarification. Not so, I was told — “the campaign’s official response: “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.””

CNN adds:

Terry McAuliffe rejected as “100 percent” incorrect an Associated Press report that Clinton is preparing to acknowledge that Obama has the delegates to win the nomination Tuesday night as the five-month Democratic primary process comes to a close.

Obama “doesn’t have the numbers today, and until someone has the numbers the race goes on,” McAuliffe told CNN.

And Politico chimes in:

Clinton aide Howard Wolfson is denying the Associated Press report that she will concede tonight and begin shutting down her campaign.

The key point, my colleague Mike Allen points out, may be in the details here: Clinton said yesterday that Obama would win the delegate majority. But Clinton said she’d won the popular vote, and would campaign on making that case.

TIME adds that “Top adviser Ickes tells MSNBC: “We don’t think either one will have the nomination by tonight. Mrs. Clinton continues to make her case to thet uncommitted superdelegates that will decide this.””

It’s reckless reporting for AP News to report this on Primary Day, as voters ready to go to the polls, and it reeks, as Jeralyn points out of an attempt at voter suppression.

Everyone is primary weary… Let’s let the last of the primary voters cast their votes and see what tonight brings.

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