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Some of you may think I’m nuts in sharing this link, but like many of you, I was beyond stunned by the news today. Even though we don’t have the full picture yet, there are new sites and efforts springing up all over the net. One involves a petition drive regarding a joint ticket. I wasn’t sure about how I felt re all this – after all… I’ve been fighting hard for over a year now to get Hillary into the general election so she could kick McSame’s butt, but my thoughts all came together when someone challenged the notion of supporting ANYthing invloving the DNC or staying with our party. I signed the petition, just in case this is something Hillary wants to pursue. I don’t claim to know what she wants – but if she thinks she can make a difference in our lives by trying to bring together our party as the VP then I’m all for it. I trust her and I’m guessing you all do to. Check it out and figure it out for yourselves, but I thought I’d throw this out there for anyone who might be interested in supporting this notion.

Someone asked a few of us on an email string why she should support this idea after what the DNC’s rule committee did to us last weekend and I replied with the following…

She’s been fighting for us – we can respect that by fighting for what she’s trying to do. I trust her judgment – I trust her experience – I trust her, period. If I get a sense that this is how she thinks she can continue to fight for us and for others worse off than we are in this life, then I’ll do it gladly and without any fuss or worry.

She’s shown me over the years that she’s worthy of that trust and it’s not something I give lightly.

This isn’t about me. It’s about my kids and all that I’m convinced Hillary can and WILL do for them going forward. THAT’s why I signed this petition and that’s why I signed the other one. Millions of people need her help now – whether it’s with her in the Oval Office, as our Vice President or as the Jr. Senator from NY. If she’s willing to do the job of VP then I want to help her get there.

For now though, my only concern is getting her the nomination and as long as she doesn’t release her delegates, I think there’s still a chance we can get her that nomination.

But we all follow our own heart at the end of the day. Peace.

Like I said, if this is what she wants then I want to help her get there. The VP spot could be offered and she cold tell BO to get stuffed, but I want to make sure she has that option. At the end of the day, I’m not sure how I feel about her actually being on the ticket, but I at least want to help keep that door open for her if she decides this is the best way she can continue to fight for universal health care, a quick and safe withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, rebuilding the middle class and halting foreclosures on homes, developing green collar jobs and reversing global warming… Hey I know it’s not the top of the ticket, but at least she’ll have a seat at the table on both ends of PA Ave. right?

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7 Responses to Petition Drive at

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks, Alegre! I don’t want to take up a lot of space with my thoughts on what might be right for Senator Clinton at this time. I have written open letters to Senators Clinton and Obama and posted them at

    My focus, at this time, other than asking Senator Clinton to retain her delegates and to appeal the May 31 ruliings out of the RBC, is to ask Senator Clinton to leverage for primary reform.

    I would consider returning to the party if there is a real move to change the primary process so that in close elections like this one, the will of the people could actually be determined.

    I will be posting at about my thoughts on primary reform, and about how Obama can truly help unite the party and provide “healing.”

  2. Thanks Alegre

    I signed.

  3. Mark

    Personally I think you would have more leverage getting the party to listen to you if you were an active member of the party. Otherwise, you’re just someone unwilling to participate in the party who is complaining that probably won’t get far. Just my 2 cents.

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  5. Leslie says:

    I tend to agree with the sentiment of having Hillary in the white house, but I think that more important than that is having a good team there.
    If She and Obama cannot bury the scars of this not very pleasant race, then their effectiveness as a team will be compromised and so will the American people as a result.
    I am waiting to see what the spirit and feel is between them, before I sign the petition.

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Pamela: Thanks for your thoughts.

    Actually, I don’t get that the party cares unless I contribute $ or don’t contribute $ to them. The only sound they seem to be able to actually hear is the sound of people leaving the party. I consider myself a Democrat in exile.

    I think I have more leverage as an exile willing to return under the right circumstances — a showing of goodwill and due diligence from the party — than as a member who is taken for granted.

    In some circles, that might be called a trial separation.

  7. Mark

    These days they also hear the sound of bloggers, who are active within the party and pay attention to those bloggers who particpate in the party process. So I’m just saying a registered Dem with a blog you might get farther then a registered Independent with a blog in trying to influence the party. Money talks, but so do blogs these days.