To Senator Clinton

This is what I wrote on Senator Clinton’s website, reproduced here as per Pamela’s request.

Dear Senator Clinton,

we need you. By now, I know you will suspend your campaign and endorse Senator Obama. This makes me incredibly sad, but I respect your decision and will continue to support you.

I was one of many HillBloggers. We blogged for you during this primary. And like you, we were outspent and outnumbered but we got our energy and strength from you.

We are still out there, on the Internet, supporting you because we think this country needs you. Badly.

You already have the best blogger in the business: Peter Daou. I hope you will take your rightful place at the head of the movement you created. A movement 18 million strong.

In whichever way you decide to continue to fight the good fight, we, Hillbloggers, will be behind you 200%.

Just say the word. Let us help you.

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3 Responses to To Senator Clinton

  1. Theresa says:

    Excellent, Frenchdoc!

  2. Thanks Frenchdoc! We do still need HRC.

  3. janet williams says:

    I was ready not only for a woman president but this woman. I have been a registered Republican since I was 18 y/o ..however that said, I have never voted strictly republican or democrat. On the state level, I vote for indep, repub and democrats and since 1992 . .Democrats on the national level. I do see myself as a true independant and a free thinker. I am not a sheep for any o ne. I feel that Senator Clinton is in the middle and actually cared about “the people” and would get shit done.! I am college educated woman and in my young 40s . .so I guess I don’t fit “the demographic” for her people. I do wish and pray that someone with balls will speak out for the people regarding what the “food & drug industries are doing to us and how they are making us sick, even killing us.

    Aspartame as a sugar substitute (classified as a drug-not a food additive) is just ONE of the problems and it’s in over 6,000 products that millions of people/children consume every day. It’ss kidda hard to take the poison-which it IS!-out of the river .. but we need to. Please Google it and read and see how the Reagan and Bush administrations have been extremely “helpful” in keeping Americans sick or killing us (here’s a clue. .Donald Rumsfeld). The chemicals in our food and drinks as a substitute for the actual food is a crime. . yet the Food & Drug (FDA) watches their backs, not ours .. not yours. Look at vaccination and it’s link to autism . .aspartame linked to brain tumors, MS, lupis, seizures .. & 92 side affects.

    Chemicals are in our food, drinks, mattresses, computers, even make-up, shampoo/skin care. The EU has a much stricter guidelines to keep cancer causing chemicals out of their regions/countries than we do. So since the US doesn’t, the manufacturers make it one way for the EU (and all the other countries that are following them including Mexico-yes Mexico’s products are safer than the US) and another way (with cancer causing chemicals) for the US of A. .that’s us!

    I’ve heard about “universal health care” but nothing about our freedom of choice for natural healthcare . .chiropractors over drugs & surgery. The best room in a hospital is the ER room yet that’s typically the first to go due to budget costs. The big money that is made is from surgery, chemo .. and the pharmacuetical companies .. it’s the drugs baby! And they want you for life! . . and they will take it and trash anyone that tries to go another way . .yes put them out of business orat least try and buy them off not to provide a cure for something like diabeties.

    Have you ever seen a healthy person on 6-16 Rx per month? Look at the commercials on TV .. especially the news programs/shows. Look who’s paying for their programing .. hmm. I truly hope Hillary Clinton is involved in healthcare .. and not simply sick care by Big Pharma’s definition . .keeping & getting all Americans on more and more drugs. . for life. “We” are against Hemp as a textile (why??) and smoking pot for legitimate health reasons .. yet the real drug industry is doing everything possible to get us sick and keep us under (their) the influence of Rx . .it’s the #4 killer in America behind Heart attack, stroke and cancer. By the way 1 in 2 men will get cancer! And ladies . .1 in 3 will get cancer. 100 years ago .. it was bad. 1 in 250 got cancer. It’s a big and profitable business to be in. No wonder they (FDA/medical/CDC) don’t l ike it when “others” find natural cures for diabeties or autism or preventative methods for all diseases. Oh by the way, the last disease that was cured was . .Polio over 50 years ago. It bankrupted the Polio business. . and they vowed to never let that happen again.

    So whether Senator Clinton will take on this huge undertaking or someone else .. I urge all of you to get educated and help others do the same. Because you may think you’re healthly. You may even be young and in high school, on the football or cross country team, in shape and well liked at school. . and then we’ll read about it or hear about it on the news how yet “another” athlete suddenly collasped & died on the footbal field while practicing and for “no reason”. And they took their typical annual physical and they were cleared to compete. . hmm. I wonder what drugs they’re taking, what’s in their food/drink, what mattress (w/chemicals they breathe in) they used to sleep on, how much electromagnetic caos is in their environment. . we are in a toxic chemical soup. We are the canaroes in a coal mine, literally.

    The terrorist are the chemicals and drugs in our system. I’m not an idiot, I know with today’s world you can not escape technology or all chemicals . .but to attempt to reduce this toxic soup, be aware and take your head out of the sand is a start. Eat organic at home to start. Read, educate yourself and others. Demand what the EU (European Union) is doing from your representatives. By the way, they (the EU) don’t have lobbyist and aren’t influenced by ours either. Read The Secret History on the War on Cancer by Devra Davis and Exposed by Michael Schappiro to start. Remember 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women.