Another Reason Not to Vote for McCain

mccain-torture.jpgIt seems rather absurd to me that Democrats should have to be reminding Democrats of all the reasons not to vote for John McCain, but sadly there’s the “hell hath no fury” crowd that just doesn’t get it, right now because they are hurt and frustrated and that’s understandable. 

As a woman who had her heart set on Hillary Clinton as our first woman president, I feel the same frustration and the anger over the rampant sexism, however, I just couldn’t and wouldn’t vote for John McCain under any circumstances. For me it goes beyond not wanting to be Howard Dean’s “sweetie.”

I honestly believe that if we as women want change with in our party and this country, we won’t achieve it by jumping ship. Michelle Goldberg is right in saying, “It would be the grimmest irony imaginable if feminist irredentism helped elect a candidate as anti-feminist as John McCain.”

So, I’ve shared a couple of reasons here already why Clinton supporters threateing to vote for McCain should think again his record and the consequences of a McCain presidency. As per the graphic, there’s another good reason not to vote for McCain. McCain voted for Torture.  

We’ve got serious work to do to heal our nation after 8 years of George W. Bush. I trust that Hillary Clinton will be part of that, one way or another. But voting for John McCain is simply anathema to everything that Hillary stands for, to everything that attracted women voters to her in the first place. I’m following Hillary’s lead in supporting Obama, I hope that ultimately those who need more time to heal will do the same.

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2 Responses to Another Reason Not to Vote for McCain

  1. Brian says:

    NO way!!! You Obama freaks have called Hillary and her supporters names for months. Now it is time for you to pay the price. There is no way in hell Obama is getting my vote. He has pulled the race card numerous times during the campaign. He and his wife are pathetic Americans.

    My family of 12 are voting for McCain.

  2. Brian: I’m sorry I can’t join you. I don’t make enough money. $300 dollar per barrel oil would have me living out of my car, and would have my carr up on jacks at the time.