More On the Threats to Vote for John McCain

Last night I posted here on the threats by Clinton supporters to vote for John McCain and I said:

As a Clinton supporter and a feminist I find a certain kind of irony in the fact that Clinton supporters areĀ complaining about the sexism that Hillary weathered during her campaign but they are willing to support a candidate who called his wife the C word.

A least a couple of folks in the comments weren’t convinced that their logic is backasswards. As a Clinton supportert, I haven’t agreed with much of anything Matt Yglesias has had to say in a while, but I do agree with this:

Mark Kleiman suggests that revisiting this appalling episode in McCainiac misogyny might be a useful party unity exercise:

John McCain — kind of an appalling guy.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign made us “talk about sexism.” And that is a good thing. However, mis-guided Clinton supporters who are supporting crap like this are now tarnishing the many good ways that Hillary Clinton changed our politics. I am disheartened by the efforts of some fellow Clinton bloggers who are in effect seeking to Swift Boat Barack Obama out of frustration and anger.

As a loyal Clinton supporter I can not imagine why fellow Clinton supporters would be so callous and shallow and mis-guided because this isn’t helping Hillary, it is a hateful show of emotional revenge that is hurting her.

And while I’m at it, since this has been deemed a day to air greivances by Kyle over at Comments at Left Field, who nicely noted the other day, that a few Clinton supporters including myself had “took their moment, turned around, and got behind the Democratic ticket,” I want to point out that the continuing flogging of Hillary Clinton by some progressive bloggers isn’t helping Barack Obama either.

Everyone really needs to get a grip and start working together.

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14 Responses to More On the Threats to Vote for John McCain

  1. DEM says:

    Well, I’m voting for neither Obama nor McCain in the GE, but it doesn’t matter much, because I’m already a lost cause since my race-traitoring ass voted for HRC in the primary. /snark My vote is my own.

  2. DEM

    I think the larger point to look at is that HRC is working with Obama to bring everyone together and the wounds may start getting healed. Given that, a lot of things were said on both saides that shouldn’t have been said. We can’t fix it unless we work together.

  3. BlueWashington says:

    Look, it’s time to start tightening things up. Feelings are still on the surface for a lot of people – I understand. But to vote for McCain or another candidate some McCain can get into the Oval office, that’s just not thinking right. THINK!! This is a president who will be naming people to the Supreme Court in the next 4 years. It’s not going to be 1 Justice, I’m guessing this will be 2 or 3 Justices. Talk about lifetime decisions!!

    Think about your decision.

    Anyway, I’m listening to Ed Schultz today (my guess is he might be persona non grata around here), and who should he bring up as a VP candidate – and he was jazzed about it – John Kerry. I like it.

  4. BlueW

    Although I think there’s a lot of merit in HRC as VP, I also like the idea of JK as VP. Of course. šŸ™‚

  5. BJWhite says:

    So we shouldn’t vote for McCain because he is sexist….but Obama is no less sexist than McCain (as he gave her the finger and flicked off his shoulder and his shoe….)

    When 2000 rolled around and the republicans ‘fixed’ the vote, the left hollared loud and clear; when the democrats ‘fixed’ the vote in Florida and Michigan, the left was largely silent….

    What it sounds like you’re saying is when the republicans do it, it’s wrong; when the democrats do it, it’s ok?

    Unless you’re not saying this…in which case, we should vote for neither candidate…..

  6. BJWhite

    I am saying that Clinton supporters should follow her lead and vote for Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee.

  7. Pat says:

    The exceedingly enlightened John McCain in his full glory.

  8. Thanks for the link Pat! Yes, McCain’s true colors do shine through.

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  10. BJWhite says:

    The democrat nominee is also sexist.

  11. BJWhite

    I understand there is anger and frustration on the part of many Clinton supporters. I share in that anger and frustration. However, the primaries are over. Obama is the nominee. It doesn’t help Hillary to bash Obama. It really doesn’t.

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  14. Maya says:

    I’m writing in Hillary. Or Russ (Feingold).

    Haven’t yet decided.

    The Democrats obviously decided that women, and women’s issues,
    are important only as it relates to DNC political machinations. So to hell
    with them.

    I loathe both parties, and I don’t care who’s president. No man is going
    to take away my daughters’ ability to have abortions, to fight for their rights,
    or to shoot in the cojones any man who assaults them. (I am one of the
    minority of leftist NRA members–nobody but me protects my rights and
    dignity, and certainly not cops or standing armies.) All this talk about
    Supreme Court this and Congress that is just covering up the real fact:
    Democrats, like Republicans, grab their socktops for whoever has money
    and power. Obama creeps me out with his messianic vagueness and
    appeal to hysteria, as well as his icky resemblance to GW Bush. McCain
    is just insane.