Remembering the Loss: Bobby 40 Years Ago

Via Susie Madrak:

I watched the video above and then I read Blake’s piece below on Bobby Kennedy: A Golden Age That Never Was and I was overwhelmed with a wave of tears and deep sadness. Like Blake, I often wonder what might have been, if we had not lost Bobby 40 years ago…

Bobby “was the perfect messenger, the royal heir, who could bridge the divide between the old world and the newly emerging one.”

He had strong ties to the traditional Democratic Party machine that had elected his brother and yet, was able to harness the energy, anger and hope that the post-WW II generation — the largest ever — was producing.

RFK was a rare mix of radical compassionate ideas…. somewhat conservative personal values…… self sacrifice, self discipline, stoicism and patriotism, rooted in moral conviction, but he was also perfectly in tune with his times. He had a perpetual sense of outrage at the racial, political, and social injustices that were crippling our country.

We all know that “RFK was not a perfect man, none of us is, but he was the right man … at the right time and would have moved us gracefully into a new era. Bobby never failed us.”

He never grew old. He never sold out. Instead, he opened up the vision for the future…of course he was denied the opportunity to lead us there ….

But he showed us the way. His legacy lives on, albeit slowly.

“….The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.” — Edward M. Kennedy.

The dream shall never die,because as Blake explainedhe, (and his brother) represented a hope“….. And hope is a good thing.

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One Response to Remembering the Loss: Bobby 40 Years Ago

  1. BlueWashington says:

    I’ve seen that video before. Every time I see it, I just think to myself – Wow, what could have been. RFK was on his way to the White House and we were on our way to a different world.

    I just shake my head and think what could have been.