Quote Of The Day: There Are No Acceptable Prejudices in the 21st Century

Hillary Clinton: on equal opportunities, equal pay and equal respect:  

we must make sure that women and men alike understand the struggles of their grandmothers and their mothers, and that women enjoy equal opportunities, equal pay, and equal respect.

Let us resolve and work toward achieving very simple propositions: There are no acceptable limits, and there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country.

Incase you didn’t know: “The Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in 1923, is still not part of the U.S. Constitution.

No women running for office in America should ever have to go through this kind of blatant sexism again:


So, let me go on record here to say that I would like to hear our presumptive nominee, Barack Obama start talking about the sexism in this election cycle. And I would like to hear him pledge to finally make the Equal Rights Amendment a reality. I’m with Hillary on the Obama hope train, but I am also with those thousands of women across America who were appalled that the sexism she weathered in her campaign.

Hillary said it today: “There Are No Acceptable Prejudices in the 21st Century.”

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13 Responses to Quote Of The Day: There Are No Acceptable Prejudices in the 21st Century

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    Wow, some of that was pretty sickening. This goes along perfectly with what I’d closed with in my last comment: that media should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. atdleft says:


    Agreed. The corporate media elite should be ashamed of themselves for their blatant sexism. And I agree with Pamela that Barack Obama can make good on his promise to take on sexism by bringing back the ERA.

  3. atdleft

    I think that’s the one issue we should all make noise about and I think HRC would support our efforts and fight with us. She co-sponsored the last effort to bring it to the Senate. Ted Kennedy put the bill up. Obama also co-sponsored it.

  4. Andy

    Thanks for watching both videos. And thanks for being a friend.

  5. KrndallJ says:

    Obama has been complicit in the misosyny and will never get my vote!!!!!!!I will vote on the Green party line. I HOPE Obama looses the general and will wotk for his loss!!!!!! Clinto 2012!!!

  6. Hilary4HRC says:

    I think if Barack Obama was willing to have an honest discussion about the blatant sexism and disrespect we saw all over — tv pundits, journalists, even his own attitude at times — I MIGHT be able to come over and support him.

    What is at stake here is a huge portion of the population that has never been particularly relevant (older white women (older women of any race) — compare the number of women newscasters in their 50’s and 60’s to that of men)– feeling that the chance to become very RELEVANT is gone. Doesn’t anyone get it? We rarely see anyone with a voice every night on TV that looks like us!! —- I mean the percentage of faces on cable and TV news that is a white woman in age 50-65 is almost nil.

    Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Pat Buchanan, Wolf Blitzer, Hannity, Colmes, Tucker, Brian Williams, Bob Scheiffer, Tim Russert can’t speak knowledgably about what things are like for us because they AREN’T women. They have no clue as to some things we find offensive …… but I digress!

    Now that Hillary is out of it, at my age, 48, I see where it’s going. LESS RELEVANT each year I age. We aren’t men, we aren’t young, who was it that said “do you really want a post menopausal woman in the White House?” It’s that kind of attitude and the fear of even greater irrelevance in the year 2008 that is a huge concern of women. If Barack Obama can address that and convey a message that honors and respects this demographic, maybe things can be different. Put yourselves in our shoes. We have no real voice in the media, 90% of the people telling us about us AREN’T WOMEN!! Try to imagine it sometime…………………. it’s scary to think about the next 50 years if things continue as they are.

    One more thing — many of us are VERY ready to vote for a black candidate. We just happen to believe that experience and vast range of knowledge counts more than exciting speeches. Calling a signficant portion of the demographic (who by the way MARCHED with the black community and fought side by side with them for Civil Rights — yup, you got it — older, liberal, white, women) racists — is not a good start to coming together.

  7. Robert Rouse says:

    But should we blame Obama for the sexism espoused by others?

    Hillary4HRC said, “I think if Barack Obama was willing to have an honest discussion about the blatant sexism and disrespect we saw all over — tv pundits, journalists, even his own attitude at times — I MIGHT be able to come over and support him.”.

    Does Hillary4HRC believe that John McCain will have these honest discussions? I would really like to know what she meant by “even his own attitudes”. What did he say – specifically – that was sexist?

    As an Obama supporter, I suffered through numerous attacks of people calling me naive and stupid for supporting Obama. I would not have held these comments against Hillary. In fact, I said on numerous occasions, dating back to the start of the campaign that I would support whoever the nominee was. I’m not getting that from several Hillary supporters. That said, I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring them back into the fold. I believe in this country and strongly believe that four years of John Sidney McCain would do nothing but worsen the problems wrought by Dubya and his administration.

  8. Robert Rouse

    I don’t think that John McCain has anything to do with the fact that the Democratic Party leaders did little to denounce the barrage of sexism thrown at HRC during this primary cycle. He’s not a Democrat.

    The sexism that is still rampant in America is as much an issue as the racsim, FYI. And now is the time, for Barack Obama and party leaders to address that — and I said as much in my post that Hilary4HRC responded to.

    Please, watch the video in this post and watch the video here as well.

    Finally there is an article here about some sexist comments from Obama. And there have been plenty from his surrogates recorded in the media.

    I’m sorry to say Robert, that sexist attacks on one of candidates is far more offensive to the women of this country than you seem to get. It goes beyond the bickering between bloggers and folks in blog comments about who’s the better candidate and whether or not some is naive for supporting either candidate.

    You said:

    In fact, I said on numerous occasions, dating back to the start of the campaign that I would support whoever the nominee was. I’m not getting that from several Hillary supporters.

    This Clinton supporter has always said I would support whoever the nominee is and this Clinton supporter stepped up beofre HRC made her announcement and said I would be supporting the nominee. So I think you’ve made your complaint to the wrong blog. In fact my post you are responding to says I am supporting Obama.

  9. Robert Rouse says:

    Pamela, I was not addressing you. I was simply pointing out some of what has happened. I think it is time to move past any and all bickering about the primary and move on to defeating John McCain.

  10. beachmom says:

    The only thing I saw were pundits saying stupid and sometimes cruel things about a Democrat. How is that a new outrage? I continue to find myself unmoved by this charge of sexism which seems to be the excuse given for Hillary’s loss. The exit polls showed that Hillary benefited by both her sex AND her race. The exit polls I saw had people voting FOR her when they said gender was a factor in their vote, and FOR her again, when they said race was important in their vote. I realize a lot of Hillary supporters and bloggers like Digby are up in arms on “sexism” but I guess I am resigned to agreeing to disagree on this one. I just don’t share the outrage. Had Hillary run a better and smarter campaign, she would have won the nomination even with the pundits saying the same exact things as shown in the video.

  11. Beachmom

    I’ve been up in arms about sexism my whole life Beachmom, but it took this campaign to really make me see that I was not going to stand by and watch it happen to dedicated Democratic leader like HRC.

    Because in my book, what the press put HRC through and our Democratic leaders stood by silently while they did, is tantamount to what JK went through in ’04 and after. Attacking a candidate with misogynistic statements is a form of character assassination — like swift boating.

    If I were you I would think long and hard about how you would feel if someone said those things about you before you decide to just write it off as pundits saying “stupid and sometimes cruel things.”

  12. Robert

    I agree it’s time to move towards defeating John McCain, however, the Democratic party needs to address the sexism in this primary cycle and I think there’s millions of women who feel the same as I do about that.

  13. Hilary4HRC says:

    I am happy to get back to Robert — I am not saying that Barack Obama said any of this specifically — what I do think is going to happen is that he is going to be the target (rightly or wrongly) for the people who can really see what a TERRIBLE way she was treated as a candidate.

    There was no voice on TV in the evenings or the mornings for that matter that was someone to build her up or support her. She was the butt of many jokes and offhand comments by insensitive louts and the women who sat next to them on the sets each night that couldn’t even open their mouths and say — “As a woman, I find that offensive……”

    Barack Obama benefitted from a well organized, well run campaign, NO DOUBT but he sure didn’t suffer the outrageous things she did — and because he came out on top, he’s going to bear the brunt of the anger that should be directed at the DNC, some of Obamas supporters, and the Media. I’m sorry if I sounded unreasonable – I just can’t believe that people couldn’t differentiate between the way she was treated in this process compared to the way he was treated . She’s a terrific person — she’s got a lot of class, and she seems even stronger than I ever could have imagined………….