Sorry Gang – I’m Just Not There Yet

I just can’t do it – not yet. I respect Hillary more than words can say and I know she did what she had to do today. I was there to hear her speak and found myself cheering wildly every time she paused to catch her breath, until she got to the part where she asked us to join her in her fight to help elect Obama as our next president.

Then I stood there silent, with my hands folded politely in front of me.

I’m not saying I won’t ever get there as far as voting for the guy goes. At this point BO might (might) get my vote in November if he ends up being our nominee. But he’s going to have to work damn hard to win my vote after the way he lied about Hillary, and remained silent as the media and even his own supporters and staff attacked her with some of the most bizarre and misogynistic load of garbage I’ve ever heard.

As for Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi et al, I don’t think the DNC realize just what a serious problem they’ve created after the way they’ve treated Hillary. We don’t support a party that throws our candidate under the bus in favor of another. And unless they work their ass off to undo the damage they’ve done, they’re going to be hard-pressed to get our votes.

The thing is (and I know more than a few folks out there need this reminder), Obama’s not our nominee yet. Ya see, there’s this little thing called a convention and they haven’t yet made it official and won’t until late August. Denver’s a long way off and a lot can happen between now and then, and the super delegates might just wise the hell up and back the one candidate who can beat John McCain come November.

So I’ll continue to write in support of Hillary, and hope the supers wake up before it’s too late.

In case you missed it, this will explain why we’re so pissed off. I’ll let the Dixie Chicks will do the talking for me…

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down.
I’m mad as hell and I don’t have time
To go round and round and round.

It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘cos I’m mad as hell and can’t bring myself
To do what it is you think I should.

I’ll let you know when I’m ready but don’t hold your breath.

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24 Responses to Sorry Gang – I’m Just Not There Yet

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    Can you name me one specifically misogynistic thing that Sen. Obama himself ever uttered in regards to Hillary? I mean something specific and undeniably hateful and disrespectful of Hillary, or women in general. I’m just curious.

  2. avwrobel says:

    That’s exactly what I’m thinking. This ***EDITED BY MODERATOR*** candidate seems destined for a disastrous general election. I see us Democrats standing on a beach on a sunny day looking out at the ocean. In the distance we see a tidal wave coming slowly towards us, to arrive on Nov 4th, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Unless we derail this ridiculous nomination

  3. Andy

    You had to ask, didn’t you? First – watch the damn video Alegre posted because there’s plenty of evidence there.

    And second go read this –

    The link to the ABC piece has 2 things Obama said, FYI that are sexist. Read the whole article. All the way to the bottom where it says Obama probably would not have said the same things about John Edwards.

    I really don’t want to get into arguing this crap with old friends here, fellow Kerry supporters, but I have to say, I too am mad as hell about the sexism, and in my opinion it is nothing short of the same sort of crap Kerry went through with his military record being attacked. That you don’t get that floors me.

    I’ve asked my longtime readers here (fellow Kerry supporters) to give the Clinton supporters here some time to work through this, because we Kerry supporters should understand what the Clinton people are feeling. After all we endured our guy losing the GE.

    I think the best thing that can happen to bring the women who are pissed about the sexism back into the mix is to start acknowledging this sexism instead of questioning the blatant and documented examples.

  4. campskunk says:

    little andy must be a spokesperson for the obama campaign, whose strategy on this dealbreaker issue is to try to deny and bluster.

    i saw a news article about how obama is scrambling around to try to get some women into senior campaign positions – as window dressing, of course. yeah, that’ll fool ’em, obama. you are SO smart.

  5. Campskunk

    Andy is actually a longtime reader and occassional front page poster here. Thank you. 🙂

  6. campskunk says:

    thanks for the warning.

  7. cay says:

    At this point BO might (might) get my vote in November if he ends up being our nominee.

    Call me old-fashioned, but that’s *his job*, not just to convince you, but the larger electorate. This has been a very strange year of “let’s blame the voter for the candidate’s failings.”

    And if he isn’t making more headway with that by the end of August then I think people are well within their rights to kick up a fuss with the superdelegates and the party.

  8. Shainzona says:

    WOW! Thank you, Alegre. Do we still donate?

    I had no idea the amount of vicious stuff that was out there. Wow.

    Hillary is an incredible example for all American women…for all women, everywhere.

    I will never vote for Obama.

  9. Andy Witmyer says:

    I watched the video and found only one clip of Obama in it, specifically – unless I missed something. I’m not actually trying to start a fight here. I can see where THAT comment in particular might be taken the wrong way – and who knows, maybe it really was a sexist comment, which is a shame – but politicians get misconstrued all the time. Hillary’s campaign has made more than a few winks and nudges at Obama’s race – again, most of which was probably misconstrued (especially the “fairy tale” comment made by Bill).

    I personally didn’t see the “claw” statement in any sexist sort of light, but that is just my opinion, which may very well be flawed.

    That said, I don’t believe that Sen. Obama is a sexist individual. And thank you for the defense, Pamela. : ) I’m not trying to pick fights – I’m just trying to, conversely, cool things down a bit. I don’t want people to think Obama is a woman-hating candidate.

    Finally, I think the media is at most to blame for this – for inciting and injecting sexism and racism into this race to begin with.

  10. themomcat says:

    That Obama never denounced any of the MSM’s misogynist attacks and just leaned back and let them do the “dirty work” and now wants my vote, is only part of the deal breaker. I never even consider him as a viable candidate for numerous reason, his clever misogyny just added to the reasons. I am now a registered Independent. I will vote my conscience. And so far my conscience and my good sense tells me that neither Obama nor McCain are worthy of my vote.
    I am with you, Alegre, I am not ready to make nice and it will be a very long time before I am.

  11. Andy

    Thanks for watching the video and hearing me out. I know a lot of people don’t see some of this and sexist, but for many women, particularly older women, it’s pretty clear.

    “I don’t believe that Sen. Obama is a sexist individual.”

    I don’t think he is either, really. I think we all says things that we shouldn’t sometimes and sometimes things we say get misconstrued. That doesn’t make us bad people, it makes us human,

    And thank you for the defense, Pamela. : ) I’m not trying to pick fights –

    I know Andy — you’ve been a good friend here for a long time.

    I don’t want people to think Obama is a woman-hating candidate.

    Likewise Clinton supporters didn’t want her to be seen as racist. It’s been a sad time in many ways for many of us.

    Finally, I think the media is at most to blame for this – for inciting and injecting sexism and racism into this race to begin with.

    I agree 100%. The media is the most to blame — not the candidateseither of them.

  12. atdleft says:


    Yes, you do have a somewhat valid point. To a large extent, the corporate media is to blame for hyping up the racist & sexist drama. I do think they wanted us Democrats to rip each other apart so we could ignore the free pass they were giving John McBush. But still, that doesn’t mean Obama was totally blameless. I agree with Pamela & Alegre that going along with the media’s misogyny didn’t help. But so long as Obama can apologize and put an end to this stuff in his campaign, I can forgive him.


    Thanks. And btw, I agree with you on Obama now. I’m ready to elect a good Democrat to the White House this fall.


    Great job as always. I just hope the Obama folks will be able to work hard enough to earn your vote. 😉

  13. atdleft

    We have our work cut out for us. We can do it if we all join together in good faith.

    HRC will be leading the Hillary Democrats to help put a Dem in the White House again. God(dess) knows she knows what is at stake.

  14. pan230oh says:

    Message for Andy W

    At this point it doesn’t really matter what you think actually happened. Who said what when, etc. What’s more important is that the person writing the blog feels dismissed and made invisible by the numerous actions and behaviors of Obama himself and those who helped craft his message.
    However well meaning your post, your objectification of this person and denial that anything she wrote might have merit is EXACTLY the problem that the Democratic Party now has to deal with.
    The steps towards healing this very real rift within the party start right here.
    If all that diarists, who are trying to raise important issues to this party and its campaign, are going to get is disrespect for their positions, then this will not be a good forum. Alegre started posting here because she believed that her thoughts and concerns would be heard and held in balance. Perhaps that’s not the case after all.

  15. Mark says:

    Hi Alegre and All: Andy — I don’t know where you have been hanging out, Andy… it must not have been at either of Obama or Clinton’s campaign websites…. Because, if you had been hanging out there, you would have noted that “Women” or “Women’s Issues” didn’t get more than a couple of lines and no main page billing at Obama’s site… or, for that matter, during any of the debates when he had the opportunity. In essence, an accomplice to the crime. Just because you stand by a watch a murder take place and do nothing about, does not make you “innocent.” We can talk more about that if you need further data.

    Along with that fact, and the fact that Obama never publicly denounced sexism, period, not even a mild mention, goes to a proof level of “more likely than not” Obama consciously chose to NOT denounce sexism and not talk up women’s issues SO THAT HE WOULD NOT ENHANCE THE CAMPAIGN OF HIS OPPONENT… geez… it’s old politics in a new attractive body and style. You need to look under the hood, folks. Andy.

    As for this D.I.E. (Democrat in Exile), the only way the party will get me back from my trial separation, is to recognize the relative illegitimacy of this nomination process and move for radical reform BEFORE the convention. For me, this is NOT about whether Clinton got dissed, or got hissed, or got treated badly — this is about the process, for godsakes! Under the current process we have just done to ourselves what the Republicans did to us in 2000. How ironic, you say?

    If you truly believe in the principles of democracy, and you wish to democratize the DNC, and if you care about actually being able to determine the will of the people, and NOT just the will of the superdelegates and power brokers, then you would work hard to get reform of the process going BEFORE THE CONVENTION.

    Otherwise, DIEs like me, will move on to a third party that has more respect for the voter and the voter’s intelligence and is more based in the voter.

    If all you care about is “healing the party” in some sort of superficial way that has no lasting benefit to the democratic process, and just pretty much rubber stamps the status quo, you are NOT the party of change. Take a look under the hood.

  16. Mark & pan230oh

    Did you miss my comment above to Campskunk:

    Andy is actually a longtime reader and occassional front page poster here. Thank you.

    Also incase you both missed it, but I have been very clear in multiple posts here, as the owner/editor of The Dem Daily, I am supporting the Barack Obama, the nominee, and I am working as Hillary Clinton is towards the defeat of John McCain in November.

    In a post here, I noted that longtime readers and frontpage writers who stayed in the background while this blog became a haven for Clinton supporters, should feel welcome to post here again and Clinton supporters I hope will stay on as well — but The Dem Daily is supporting Obama.

    In other words, the party is uniting and this blog is uniting too, with the party. We’re THE DEMOCRATIC DAILY. That should say it all.

  17. Pan230oh

    “Alegre started posting here because she believed that her thoughts and concerns would be heard and held in balance. Perhaps that’s not the case after all.”

    Alegre and I spoke last night, she knows she is welcome to continue to post here and how much I respect all she has done for HRC.

    She also knows that I, like HRC am supporting Obama, and my feelings on dissing Obama — it doesn’t help Hillary at this point — it hurts her.

    As the owner/editor of The Dem Daily, I made it clear to Andy, in comments above that he needed to watch to video to understand what Alegre was saying. He did. He acknowledged in this thread and another on the sexism that some vile things have been said.

    One thing Andy says above is correct, the majority of the sexism has come from the media — so too did the majority of the racism.

    Though many Clinton supporters may not be willing to acknowledge this, I had a discussion in another thread about what the media did to John Kerry in ’04. I worked for his campaign — I was a front page writer on his blog and a moderator on his blog for 16 months.

    One of the things that compelled me to support HRC was the media attacks on her, because it reminded me of what they did to Kerry.

    This blog was founded as a haven for Kerry supporters after the ’04 election. They are welcome here and so are are HRC supporters, and quite frankly so too are Obama supporters.

    As I said in my comment above:

    In other words, the party is uniting and this blog is uniting too, with the party. We’re THE DEMOCRATIC DAILY. That should say it all.

  18. DiAnne says:

    I am a Kerry supporter who supported Clinton til January 2007 and Obama since.
    I think Pamela made a good point about Kerry supporters understanding disappointment and also Swift Boating. I also felt bad about what Dean supporters went through even when I was a Kerry supporter. I don’t like that part of politics.

    There has been sexism and racism, to a degree, during these primaries. I hope we really can unify beyond it. I just want to wish everyone luck and I hope that these next five months go fairly smoothly and that we defeat McCain. Or there goes choice. There goes the environment. (Actually someone said that to me the night Bush “won” last time – but things could get EVEN worse with McCain.)

    Remember – McCain has a book about the economy by Greenspan that he plans to read. Isn’t that reassuring? Not. & as far as foreign policy – having his hand on the button scares me alot!

    Ok I won’t go into specifics about how I made my political decisions at this time but just wanted to drop by and say hi.

  19. DiAnne

    Hi DiAnne! Nice to see another old friend here. I don’t like that part of politics either.

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  21. Kendall Johnson says:

    I will never vote for Obama. I will not reward Misogyny and Obama is a sexist!!!! The DNC are also Misogynists!!!!

  22. Kendall Johnson

    My suggestion at this point is find somewhere where that sentiment is more welcome, because we are working to defeat McCain here and press the party to work on the sexism issues rather than denounce party.

  23. LSekhmet says:

    I don’t know how we can support a nominee we feel has been selected, not elected; Obama didn’t win the popular vote, and won the majority of pledged delegates because of caucuses. Voter intimidation was a factor in most of the caucuses, the vast majority of it by Obama supporters — see Texas’s 2000 violations (some reported by police officers) if you don’t believe me.

    I am for Democracy, and yet am now a Democrat-in-Exile as I feel my party does not care about me, does not represent me, and is no longer listening to me (if they ever were).

    Hillary Clinton tried her best to get the issues on the table that I agree need to be discussed; her campaigning skills grew as she went on, and she blew out the selected nominee three times by 2-1 margins down the stretch.

    For all of those reasons — and for the misogyny of the mainstream media, which wasn’t called out by Howard Dean until nearly the very end of the primary season (a week ago Sunday on Stephanopolous) — I cannot support Barack Obama, and have become an Independent. If the DNC starts listening again, and reforms the process, and stops blaming the voters for our so-called “racism” (when all we did was support another candidate we felt was more worthy; race had nothing to do with it in my case, as I couldn’t have cared less what race Mrs. Clinton is nor Mr. Obama’s), maybe I’ll listen again.

    Until that time, I’ve become marginalized. Disenfranchised. Discarded. Unwanted. Unappreciated.

    Ms. Leavey, I respect you and your mission, but please don’t cut off we disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters. I, for one, do not wish to support John McCain in the fall even though I find him an honorable man; I feel his policies are wrong for America at this time.

    But I also feel Barack Obama isn’t ready for this job yet — and my feelings, like my conscience, are my own. Please don’t shut me out, or others like me, just because we’re deeply distressed by the way the DNC has behaved.

  24. LSekhmet

    Quickly before I run out the door, I have no intention of cutting off Clinton supporters, but we won’t be supporting McCain here, so those wishing to support McCain will be better off at blogs that do.