Music Break – The Wombats

Cross-posted at The Global Sociology Blog.

The Wombats, “Backfired at the Disco”, from their Album A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation .

And “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” from the same album.

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2 Responses to Music Break – The Wombats

  1. MikeyP says:

    This does not really relate to the video postings.

    But, does anyone else find it offensive that a banner ad for Ann Coulter is in the rotation at the top of this blog? I realize that you do not always have the desired control over banner ads. But, I would raise hell with the offending advertising company if I were you.

    2 Cents

  2. joy thiessen says:

    The Wombats are great!! Excited about their new album on june 24th for sure ! 🙂