In Which Tony Karon and I Share Contempt for Tony Blair

Cross-posted from The Global Sociology Blog. Everybody should read Tony Karon’s blog, Rootless Cosmopolitan , as a general rule. But I want to point out one item: “Converted to Catholicism, ‘e did. And now he’s out to save the world . The problem with the idea of a global conversation … Continue reading

Book Review – The Wisdom of Whores

Elizabeth Pisani’s The Wisdom of Whores – Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS is a great book (along with a great website ). Elizabeth Pisani is an epidemiologist with years of experience working on HIV/AIDS (or sex and drugs, as she puts, which sounds a lot, well, sexier) at … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s back to business in the Dizzy household. There’s no better way to start a Monday than the usual Ten Post Round-Up. 1: And you thought you had some bad days at work!… Air Force officials fired over bad nuke etiquette—236-News 2: Talk about your slippery slopes!… Anti-gay ballot initiative … Continue reading