Elizabeth Edwards to Have Obama’s Ear

Barack Obama’s healthcare plan maybe looking better in the future to those voters who preferred the plans of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. The Boston Globe reports:

Barack Obama announced in his economy speech today that Elizabeth Edwards will work with him on healthcare policy — the issue that is the cause of her life and on which she preferred Hillary Clinton.

While her husband John Edwards gave Obama a high-profile endorsement, Elizabeth Edwards had stayed neutral, all the way through Clinton’s concession and suspension of her bid on Saturday.

Edwards, who was seated in the front row for Obama’s address, had said she liked Clinton’s plan better because it included a requirement for people to obtain insurance. Those favoring the so-called individual mandate say it’s the only workable way to cover all 47 million Americans without insurance, and Clinton often said that Obama would leave 15 million people behind.

Currently Barack Obama’s plan “focuses more on affordability.”

He and supporters of this approach say if policies are affordable, people will buy coverage without being forced.

The debate between theĀ “so-called mandate” varies, but proponents of the mandate feel it is neccessary to get everyone covered and many voters felt that Hillary Clinton and John Edwards had far better healthcare plans.

In his speech today, Barack Obama “repeated his pledges to make available the same healthcare plan that members of Congress get, to reduce insurance premiums by $2,500 a year for the typical family, and to prevent insurance companies from discriminating.”

As we move now into the general election, I’m excited by the news that Elizabeth Edwards will be working with Obama towards what will hopefully be a far better plan his current plan. As a small business owner with no healthcare insurance, this is big issue on the table for me this year. I hope to see Hillary Clinton also start working on the healthcare issue with Obama and Elizabeth Edwards in the near future.

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6 Responses to Elizabeth Edwards to Have Obama’s Ear

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  2. Discriminate against sick people and health insurance becomes affordable for those who are already healthy.

    Discriminate against insurance companies and health care finally becomes affordable for all of us.

    A choice that’s so easy that everyone outside of the U.S. seems to get it, but so very few inside do. Maybe we have stupid pills in our water!

  3. Theresa says:

    Thanks for the good news.

  4. beachmom says:

    I do not think he should put mandates in. That would be a mistake, especially since both Kerry and Kennedy said a healthcare bill with the kind of mandates in it that Edwards and Hillary proposed would be DOA in the Senate. I also have conservative friends who are opposed to most liberal ideas on healthcare, and yes, I am considering their feelings (and I’m sure millions of other Americans who think like them). Bush ramrodded through a radical right agenda, and ignored half the nation. I just don’t think our side should do the same, by ignoring people who do not want to be forced to do something by the government.

  5. Beachmom

    The idea of the mandate is greatly mis-interpreted at this point. The plain fact is there are millions of people with out insurance, this makes it even more affordable and those who have insurance can stick with what they have. Both Clinton and Edwards stressed that over and over again — but people still mis-interpreted it.

    In ’06 Kerry said a mandate might be neccessary to implement universal healthcare and then he backed Obama and backed off on that. The MA healthcare plan is mandated and Kerry and Kennedy both backed that, FYI.

    Personally, I think we’ll see a lot of changes to Obama’s healthcare plan for the good, that both Kerry and Kennedy will approve of, once we get to the convention. Nothing is written in stone and that includes Obama’s platform on the issues. Kerry platform was altered many times during his campaign, and quite frankly since.

    Furthermore if we gain more seats in Congress and control the executive office it will be a lot easier to put through a true universal healthcare plan that covers EVERYONE.

  6. Theresa

    Yes it’s very good news, now we need to get HRC working on the issue too!