Clinton Asks Pledged Delegates To Support Obama (UPDATED)

Marc Ambinder reports today that “multiple Democratic sources” say Hillary Clinton, “in a series of private conversations and conference calls, continues to urge her pledged delegates to vote for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.”

Clinton plans a series of calls with superdelegates, interest groups and state delegations over the next few days. (One of them took place last night, according to this report from Iowa’s Quad Cities-Globe-Gazette.)

“She’s doing calls with supports and delegates and various other groups of supporters,” said Mo Elliethee, a spokesperson. “What she did was reiterate what she said on Saturday. She thanked them for their hard work and their dedication and all that they did for her and celebrated some of the accomplishments of her campaign…. And she urged them to get behind Sen. Obama and to work just as hard to elect him president.”

A Clinton spokesman said that Clinton is not technically releasing her delegates — doing so would cause many of them to be dropped from the slate — but noted that both Bill Bradley and Howard Dean did not formally release their slates until their conventions.

This news no doubt will be disappointing to some Clinton supporters. But the reality is, it’s time for everyone to get behind our nominee.

Still, Clinton’s moves this week suggest that she opposes grassroots efforts by some of her supporters to hang on until the convention and submit Clinton’s name for president or vice president. It also suggests that her campaign does not intend to challenge the DNC rules and bylaws committee decision to award Obama some of Clinton’s delegates from Michigan. Pledged delegates and superdelegates can vote for whomever they want, but a split convention — even if the split was lopsided — would no doubt embarrass Obama.

Obama has received quite a bounce since Hillary endorsed him on Saturday. The latest Gallup daily shows Obama with a 7 point lead over McCain in the general election forecasts.

UPDATE: To be clear on this post, as stated above Hillary Clinton “urged them [delegates] to get behind Sen. Obama and to work just as hard to elect him president.” The post clearly quotes that “A Clinton spokesman said that Clinton is not technically releasing her delegates.”

Ben Smith adds more on Politico:

Clinton has not formally released her delegates.

Harold Ickes started the call, a Clinton aide said, saying they weren’t being released, citing historical precedence we discussed and saying we wanted everyone to stay united to keep fighting for the issues.

A pledged delegate from San Francisco who was on the call, David Serrano Sewall, emails while Clinton expressed her support for Obama, Ickes said “delegates can do what they want, any delegate can, but wanted us to hang with Hillary for now.”

The Clinton aide said there’s no power play here: Clinton just wants to make sure her supporters are slated in state delegates and sent to Denver. Her camp pointed to precedent: Bradley in 2000 and Dean in 2004 didn’t formally release their delegates until the convention itself.

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4 Responses to Clinton Asks Pledged Delegates To Support Obama (UPDATED)

  1. BJWhite says:

    Tho I will not vote for McCain, I will not vote for Obama.

  2. avwrobel says:

    What the heck is wrong with you? She is not releasing her delegates until they vote for her at the convention. Quit reporting false information. HILLARY IS NOT RELEASING HER DELEGATES!!! THERE IS NO OFFICIAL NOMINEE YET!!

  3. avwrobel

    What the heck is wrong with you? Read the post!

    The post says she’s not releasing them.

  4. After catching up a bit, I’ve been relocating from The OC to Tucson, Az., I had heard about the calls but not seen the reports that are here on DemDaily.

    Hillary Clinton is going to fully support Barack Obama, To do otherwise in a climate of extreme sensitivity would endanger the outcome in 2008.

    AVWROBEL: Hillary Clinton specifically does not want the fight that even I was proposing a month or so ago. She is supporting Barack Obama from head to toe. She is determined to get him elected. Any effort by well meaning supporters to derail the Obama train only weakens the already difficult process of setting up a General Election campaign operation.
    If we love Hillary we have to respect her wishes which she has made very clear. That is, for some, a bitter pill. But we have months until the Convention to heal and even more months until the election to bury the Republicans.

    As Bobby Kennedy said, ” This isn’t about an election or candidates, it’s about the soul of a nation.”

    Barack Obama will be the official nominee in August. Let’s treat him as such in June. That doesn’t mean he escapes reporting and criticism when warranted. It means we accept he’s going to be the nominee. Period. And Hillary Clinton is ok with that outcome.

    Bj: While you, and others, believe with heart and soul that Barack Obama isn’t the right person for the WH, turning out and supporting his choice in November is another critical action.
    The next President will put his stamp on the Supreme Court for the next generation. Many on the court are aging and he will have the opportunity to appoint those that seek a modern America.
    The next Presidential election has the potential to carry the House and Senate to unassailable majorities. Imagine being back in real majority status after so many years.
    The next Presidential election will help Democratic governorship races through out the US. The election support of Barack Obama can have impact at the state level as well.

    So I say to you, BJ, first I understand. It is, as I said, a bitter pill. Take some time. Relax. Get away from the daily reporting for awhile! I can tell you taking a short break from the daily BS has helped my attitude but not dulled my instinct for when the Obama campaign needs to be kicked in the ankle to get their attention.

    Take a break. Heal. Then vote for Democratic Nominee in November because the repercussions will long and deep if we have an overwhelming turnout and, worse, an overwhelming negative message if we don’t.

    Feel on it for a few months.

    with respect,