How Many House Seats Will Be in Play This Fall?

Chris Cillizza sums it up on The Fix:

There is widespread agreement among Democratic and Republican observers that the GOP is headed for a loss of seats in the fall. But the depth of those losses remains a point of real debate, as more and more Republican districts appear to be vulnerable while the GOP campaign arm continues to struggle to match its Democratic counterparts in fundraising. […]

If the current trend holds, the DCCC could have anywhere between a $30-$40 million financial advantage — a massive edge that has significant practical effects. While the NRCC will be forced to spend its cash on protecting endangered incumbents and vulnerable open seats, the DCCC will be able to not only match the GOP in those seats but also go on offense in two dozen or more other districts held by Republican incumbents who have not seen a real race in quite some time and could well be susceptible to a viable challenge. It’s not clear whether the NRCC will be able to fund ads in any of those second- and third-tier districts, meaning that the GOP incumbent will be left to fend for him- or herself against an onslaught of Democratic money.

Stay tuned… Won’t it just be wonderful to take back the White House and Congress in November.

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One Response to How Many House Seats Will Be in Play This Fall?

  1. I’m, what, 60 plus, and can’t remember a single year when the Republics didn’t have at least a money advantage over us. Finally things are really moving to the left to bring us back the clout that moved this nation so far forward in the sixties and seventies. And now folks want to throw everything away because it’s McCain v. Obama instead of McCain v. Clinton?

    Don’t that beat all?