Religious Fundamentalism in All Shapes and Forms – France Edition

From Le Nouvel Observateur, we get this appalling story. Here is how it goes, a man sues a hospital because his baby is born handicapped due to neurological problems during labor. Pretty straightforward, huh? Not so: the child is now disabled because when problems arose during labor, the father physically prevented male ob-gyns and other personnel from entering the delivery room to examine the mother and proceed with a cesarean section which would have avoided said neurological damage.

After 30 minutes of negotiations, the father finally allowed the doctors in but it was too late for a cesarean section, they had to go in with forceps.

Now, the child is 100% disabled. Why did the father do that? For religious convictions (what else? He’s Muslim). He did not want a man to see his wife during labor and delivery.

So, the Court not only rejected his lawsuit against the hospital (the bastard wanted 100,000 Euros) but fined HIM because his son’s disability is entirely his fault.

I guess he’s lucky to be living in evil secular France where the medical care for his son is completely covered.

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