Here We Go: ‘Oh no they didn’t’

Oh no they didn’t,” says Joan Walsh tonight. Oh, yes they did… With Hillary Clinton out of the way, the media has now turned their misogynistic sights on Michelle Obama. And, honestly it was bound to happen. Walsh explains:

I don’t watch Fox News, but an alert reader saw it, and Alex Koppelman found a clip: The pro-GOP network did, indeed, call Michelle Obama Barack Obama’s “baby mama.” It wasn’t some freelance commentator spouting off; it was a network-produced headline featured more than once below a discussion by Michelle Malkin and host Megyn Kelly: “Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking on Obama’s Baby Mama!”

Where do you even start when criticizing Fox’s slur? Do you try to explain that “baby mama” is slang for the unmarried mother of a man’s child, and not his wife, or even a girlfriend? Are they racist, or just clueless? Isn’t there racism even in their cluelessness, if somebody didn’t know what “baby mama” means, but used it anyway? Even at Fox, won’t somebody have to apologize? Am I wasting my time even thinking about that?

Even on a day when Maureen Dowd found time to “worry” about the coming attack on Michelle Obama, while at the same time passing along an ugly rumor about her (that would never have otherwise found its way into the New York Times), this was shocking.

Walsh points out that “those of us who’ve spoken out about the sexism faced by Hillary Clinton have to be vigilant about the vicious personal attacks we know await Michelle Obama.”  

She’s right because it won’t stop unless we continue to speak out, because truly the personal attacks aren’t limited in politics to one candidate or another. Think back to Al Gore in ’00 and Kerry in ’04 (and since).  

And I’m with Joan Walsh on this one 100%:

I also can’t help hoping that Obama supporters who denied Clinton faced sexism, but who are now outraged by the treatment of Michelle Obama, will have new insight into the dynamics of American media and politics, and new compassion for Clinton. Call me a crazy optimist: I’m expecting Fox to apologize, too!

Echidine of the Snakes enlightens on “baby mama.”

I think it should go with out saying that if you won’t stand by and let the media attack Hillary Clinton with sexist comments, then you sure as hell shouldn’t give them a pass when they attack Michelle Obama or any other women prominent in the Democratic Party for that matter, because as Hillary Clinton said in her speech on Saturday endorsing Barack Obama, “there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country.” 

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5 Responses to Here We Go: ‘Oh no they didn’t’

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  2. Tom Hayes says:

    Oh yes, they did. but the interesting side effect is the backlash against FOX advertisers has already begun.

    Think about it… does SNUGGLE really want to be associated with a network guilty of slanderously bashing married moms? I don’t think so…

  3. Andy Witmyer says:

    Fox News is disgusting. Frankly, they should apologize immediately, suspend those involved, and, in a more perfect world, they would perhaps then proceed to STFU.

  4. Diane says:

    You know, I’m very sorry about what Michelle Obama may have to go through; the thought sickens me. But to all the Obama followers who are about to get all upset over sexism–Tell it to someone who cares.

  5. To the crazed far right follks of the GOP, “The end always justifies the means. Remeber back to the dirty tricks of electiion year 2000. Gore was taken totally out of context when the GOP claimed he said that he invented the internet. In 2004 it was proven that ,this crazed contingent, bussed people into Dade County, Florida to cause chaos with the recounting process. Fake detour signs were put up in predominently black neighbords, so these Kerry favored voters would arrive at the polls after closing!! Of course, who can forget the successful “swift boating” of Sen. Kerry.
    It’s so good that Obama has set up a rumor control web site in order to respond to the lies BEFORE they result in lost votes!!