Kerry Gets Vanity Challenger on the Ballot

More John Kerry in the news today… Incase you missed the news a few days ago, John Kerry has a Democratic challenger on the Massachusetts primary ballot: Ed O’Reilly. Today Ed O’ found himself a new friend in Howie Carr, the Boston Herald’s version of Rush Limbaugh.

Mind you Howie Carr doesn’t really think Ed O’ has much a of a leg to stand on against Kerry, but he’s willing to stir up some trouble, Limbaugh style:

I’m sure O’Reilly is nowhere in the polls right now, but this is a perfect opportunity for mischief – this could become a Massachusetts version of Operation Chaos, the meddling of local Republicans in a Democratic primary, the way Rush Limbaugh tried to keep Hillary Clinton alive through April and May.

I wrote about Ed O’Reilly a little over a year ago when he first announced he would challenge Kerry. O’Reilly’s got little to no political experience and has shown himself to be far from progressive in his challenge to Kerry, stooping so low as to pull out the Swift Boat lies about Kerry, use recycled Karl Rove talking points and it seems he’s even “paid Mitt Romney’s old signature collecting firm to be his “grassroot support.”  From what I can tell perusing Ed O’Reilly’s website, he’s even taken major chunks of Kerry’s stance on the issues and trotted them out as his own.

Howie Carr quotes O’Reilly saying he thinks Kerry is “arrogant.” Well, I’ve got news for Ed O’… I’ve got a least a half dozen or more posts here on The Dem Daily about my personal experiences blogging for Kerry that say otherwise.

If anyone’s arrogant, it’s Ed O’Reilly for thinking he might have a shot at Kerry’s Senate seat.

Dream on Ed O’ — it ain’t gonna happen, not while folks like Bobby Kennedy, Jr have Kerry’s back 

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One Response to Kerry Gets Vanity Challenger on the Ballot

  1. john stone says:

    I wish John Kerry ws running for President. I wish he was President now! I met John Kerry several times in Iowa and he is a really nice guy. He is interested in what people have to say. In Iowa he talked to people and listened to what they had to say, he was far from arrogant. In addition to that he is an excellent Senator and would have been a great President! I have talked to a lot of people that worked for him and they all like him a lot. That says it all! I can’t believe this clown O’Reilly is challenging him, but he must be a real piece of work!