Kerry Hits McCain on ‘Not Too Important’

John McCain told NBC’s “Today” show this morning that “it’s “not too important” when U.S. troops return from Iraq.” Watch it here:  

John Kerry hit back hard on an Obama conference call saying “McCain’s comment was “unbelievably out of touch with the needs and concerns of most Americans,” saying that to families of troops in harm’s way, “To them, it’s the most important thing in the world.””

He went on to say:

McCain is “really having a debate with himself” on Iraq, said the “Today” show comment was part of a “policy for staying in Iraq” and “underscores … the broad array of contradictions in John McCain’s statements about Iraq.”

“It is really becoming more crystal clear to a lot of Iraq that John McCain simply doesn’t understand it – that he confuses who Iran is training, he confuses what the makeup of al-Qaeda is, he confuses the history … of what has happened between Sunni and Shia and how deep that current runs,” Kerry said.

I had to laugh, reading through the coverage on the blogosphere, John Cole said on BalloonJuice, “I do not remember John Kerry being this aggressive.” Sorry John Cole, but clearly you were not paying attention… This is the same John Kerry I’ve always supported — hard hitting and to the point.

The McCain camp is hitting back — Josh Marshall explains and Marc Ambinder parses the context of “not important.” 

What is important is bringing the troops home. Kerry knows that, it’s been his mission for some time now.

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One Response to Kerry Hits McCain on ‘Not Too Important’

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    I’m glad to see that John Kerry is out in force, defending our nominee. He’s become quite the attack dog recently – I wonder if he has any VP or Cabinet ambitions? The VP choice is remote, but stranger things have happened (like Bush winning in ’00 and again in ’04).