Dana Milbank Bites The Dark Lord Cheney

The Dark Lord Vice President himselfIn today’s WaPo Dana Milbank uses his column to bite The Dark Lord, (no, not He-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named), VP Dick Cheney square on the ass while reporting also on Dennis Kucinch’s futile attempt to impeach George Bush. That effort died a quick death.

“Why so unwilling to impeach Bush? As Democratic leaders like to say, two words: Dick Cheney. At this late stage in his presidency, Bush can still feel confident that his job is secure, if only because his foes are so terrified of the man who would succeed him.

As it happens, the Dark Lord himself had escaped the confines of his secure, undisclosed location yesterday afternoon and was giving a speech to the friendly ears of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. His topic: energy. His solution: more oil.”

Milbank notes: But Cheney needn’t worry about sounding tone-deaf. It merely provides Bush more job security.

Cheney believes the only answer is more oil, more coal, more fossil fuel no matter the cost to solve the energy crisis. He was speaking to the US Chamber of Commerce and was right at home.

“In his oil-patch zeal, Cheney sounded more chairman of Halliburton than vice president of the United States. The country has moved on to a debate about how to reduce carbon emissions to slow global warming. Domestic oil drilling would do little if anything to ease gas prices in the short term and, even in the long term, wouldn’t reverse the growing supply/demand imbalance as emerging economies devour dwindling reserves.”

It’s a great column that is far funnier than I make it seem in this post. Take the time and see for yourself.

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2 Responses to Dana Milbank Bites The Dark Lord Cheney

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    I would like to note, as an aside, that Rep. Kucinich initially attempted to impeach Cheney before Bush, but no one wanted to back him up on that either. Maybe Kucinich will suggest that its time to impeach BOTH of them at the same time!

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    With a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a presidential administration, the package deal is the only thing that makes any sense.