Tom Brokaw and Olbermann on Tim Russert

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One Response to Tom Brokaw and Olbermann on Tim Russert

  1. Eric Sander Kingston says:

    The Wisdom Of Our Fathers

    Written in Memory of
    Tim Russert

    Stop the presses, stop the presses
    haven’t you heard
    our friend has fallen
    our flags are unfurled
    one less voice resounds in this world
    and we wait between pages for the next word

    Now Tim,
    he presses upward where star meets the sky
    where heaven meets the press of souls passing by
    so we here on earth must write this last page
    but let us know
    the wisdom of our fathers forever remains

    Now a journalist has only his faith and his words
    his belief in himself to ask questions unheard
    to know the truth that we seek must be revealed
    to find the answers for those who depend on others to heal

    And Tim,
    the voice of the common man was heard in your words
    in your joy, in your love, in your hope for our world
    as a husband, a father, as a son and a friend
    in life’s political game you were the man

    Now the wisdom of our fathers says “carry on”
    even though it is saying a sunday voice is now gone
    there’s still questions to ask and answers to find
    father and son lessons of life
    for “he who teaches his son, teaches his son’s son” to survive
    so let the wisdom of our fathers be our light and our guide
    let the wisdom of our fathers forever survive

    In Lasting Memory,

    Eric Sander Kingston & Family