More on the Angry Man and His Tin-eared Boss

Joan Walsh weighed in on the piece in the New Yorker about Keith Olberman, that I wrote about earlier today. Walsh took offense as I did to what MSNBC head Phil Griffin told the New Yorker Hillary supporters who will “come back” because there’s “nowhere else to go”:

I have some advice for Phil Griffin, not that he asked me. Don’t tell your customers they have nowhere else to go. Also: Try to avoid comparing irritated female viewers with wives and girlfriends who have to stay with a “jerk” who is “difficult and brutal.” It’s insulting to Olbermann and his female critics alike.

Did Griffin have a clue how offensive that analogy was? Probably not. But he should take Joan Walsh’s advice above, because spouting crap like that in interviews won’t win back the women viewers that MSNBC has insulted time and time ago in recent months.

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3 Responses to More on the Angry Man and His Tin-eared Boss

  1. Frenchdoc says:

    This seems to be the meme of the season though, “women have nowhere else to go”. We’ve been told that by MSNBC Honchos, the Democratic leadership, the Obama supporters, etc. And none of them have any inkling that this is typical male abuser language and that it reeks of sexism.

    That can of worms should never have been open, especially not for crass political motives, and now, there is no way to put that evil genie back in its bottle (can I mix metaphors or what?).

  2. Frenchdoc

    When I read that statement from Griffin I was so appalled because it was so stereotypical of male abuser language as you said. Women do leave abusers and should. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch Olbermann on Russert’s death even though Stuart recommend it here.

  3. Frenchdoc says:

    KO’s show always reeked for sexism with the way the last 30 minutes were usually spent making fun of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan.

    Then, as soon as he went all anti-Clinton, I stopped watching. I have not watched cable news for months now and do not plan on going back… we do have other places to go.